Fayetteville $100 - $200; Fort Smith $100; Little Rock $80 - $100; Alaska. No term of imprisonment will be imposed unless the possession involved violence or  was “habitual, willful and for a commercial purpose.”. Let’s say you are caught with 4 ounces of marijuana on your person. Related: 30 Classic Drive-In Restaurants That Endure. That adds up to 26 to 40 boxes of pork roll, depending on your preference. Please see the marijuana penalties section for further details on Michigan’s criminal sanction on cannabis. Distribution of up to 15 g without remuneration. But pepperoni rolls based on recipes made by Italian immigrant coal miners are the real deal. Boiling the bagels is the least of what a bagel place needs to do, but it's where most places give up before simply making bagel-shaped rolls. If you can afford that, please purchase those instead. In great shape at Spuds in Sandpoint, where a full menu of oven-roasted potatoes includes the Papas Fresca with olive oil, tomatoes, avocado, green onions, Himalayan pink sea salt, a squeeze of lemon, and fresh ground pepper. However, some associated illegal activity will incur a $100 fine if you are caught. Much as we'd love to dig into $108.58 worth of peach pie (which will get you four family-sized peach pies at Panbury's in Atlanta, or a Georgia pecan pie for the same price), we're going to stick with grits here. The lowest priced binocular for outdoor bird watching that I recommend is the Celestron Nature DX ED 8x42. Detroit Criminal Attorney Regional price parity: 98.4 Value of $100: $101.63Maine keeps its simple: Cold lobster meat stuffed into a warm, buttered, contrarian New England hot-dog bun. That $86.51 will buy you four bakers' dozen (52 bagels) and another 11 individual bagels for 63 in all. Popcorn has been designated the official snack food of Illinois, and any visitor who's been to Chicago's Loop or O'Hare Airport (or satellite locations in Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas, D.C., New York or abroad) has come across Garrett and its mix of cheddar and caramel corn. Regional price parity: 88.9 Value of $100: $111.98 Empress, Skyline, or Gold Star — all are Cincinnati “chili” that bear no resemblance to anything Americans would recognize as chili. To make legalization possible and safe, Michigan State Police have to send the message that marijuana facilities have to follow licensing requirements to the letter. The cultivation of 25 – 200 plants for personal use is a misdemeanor. I’m so blessed to have crossed paths with him he made a HUGE difference in my life and for my family if I could rate him a million stars I would!! Now, you can get great Frito Pie at just about any Friday night football game in Texas (thank you, boosters), but if you're from out of town, you'll likely end up paying $6.99 for it at a place such as The Shady Grove in Austin. The Jalisco Cafe in Silver City warns customers on its menu that you can't send back a dish for being too spicy and offers tasters of dishes they're unfamiliar with. A term of imprisonment may be imposed if “the violation was habitual, willfull, and for a commercial purpose or the violation involved violence.”, The cultivation of more than 200 plants for personal use is a misdemeanor. But you don't have to trudge the Bourbon Trail to know that Kentucky's most beloved export is whiskey. At Yama's Fish Market in Honolulu, a plate of Kalua pig, a scoop of mac salad, and a scoop of rice goes for $8.45. $67.51 / OUNCE OF FLOWER . In Michigan, marijuana and hashish are punished in the same manner. Denver - Recreational. At Cafe Kandahar in Whitefish, the Snug Bar features an $11 elk burger on its menu, as well as a $13 buffalo and elk meatloaf. Bratwurst is king here, and the Milwaukee Brat House starts its bratwurst sandwiches at $7.95. Michigan grows a wide variety of crops each year and our farmers take pride in growing high-quality, diverse products. You'll still get 14 sandwiches for your $88.34. Some jurisdictions also impose additional per se laws. The new law makes it legal to purchase and possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana for personal use. Distribution of less than 5 ounces without remuneration is a civil infraction with no incarceration possible and a maximum $500 fine. Four, and with turkey instead of corned beef. However, some associated illegal activity will incur a $100 fine if you are caught. The new law makes a distinction between possession or cultivation of up to twice the legal amount and more than twice the legal amount. What will happen? I’m so thankful for him and HIGHLY recommend him. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any regulations. In your private residence, the amount goes up to 10 ounces and 12 plants. But few of those items have become more inherently Michigan than the pasty, which was brought over by Cornish miners and embraced by the Yoopers of the Upper Peninsula. Place. The statutory definition of “marihuana” includes “all parts of the plant Cannabis sativa L., growing or not; the seeds thereof; the resin extracted from any part of the plant; and every compound, manufacture, salt, derivative, mixture, or preparation of the plant or its seeds or resin.” Hashish, hashish oil, and extracts clearly fall under this definition. Are you facing charges for an offense under the new marijuana laws in Michigan? The lobster roll makes people spend an entire summer waiting in line at Red's Eats in Wiscasset just for a taste. Regional price parity: 97 Value of $100: $102.77 Utah is more than Jell-O molds and funeral potatoes. Campbell's Concessions in Des Moines puts a base price of $6 on its corn dogs, which is enough for 18 corn dogs. Regional price parity: 86.7Value of $100: $115.47 How many fried green tomatoes will $100 get you at the Irondale Cafe, the setting for the 1991 film “Fried Green Tomatoes”? While we'll acknowledge that many of its tastes skew Scandinavian, we'll give lutefisk a pass and go with lefse: A soft Norwegian flatbread made on a griddle from a mix of potatoes, flour, butter, and cream. Regional price parity: 97.9 Value of $100: $101.63 Pennsylvania has given the world Hershey's chocolate, Just Born candies (Mike and Ike), Snyder's of Hanover pretzels, Herr's chips and pretzels, Utz snack foods, Tastykakes, Sturgis pretzels, Auntie Ann's pretzels, Yuengling beers, Turkey Hill ice cream, Heinz ketchup, Philly cheesesteaks, Primanti Brothers sandwiches, root beer, and stromboli. Serving Michigan and the U.S. since 1992 Regional price parity: 89.8Value of $100: $110.86The Iowa State Fair and its fried foods on a stick are legendary. He was upfront with me on what to expect. It can do better. If you're feeling spendy, upgrade to a $5.95 Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese sandwich at the Montclair, N.J.-based Six Brothers Diner. That's roughly 20 bottles, or years of coffee milk, for $100.40. We don't know, since those tomatoes aren't an a la carte item — they're one of at least two sides served with various meats. While the fried scone is more of a domestic specialty, Utah's burger of choice — the pastrami burger — is available for as little as $4.99 at places such as B&D Burger. Regional price parity: 112.9 Value of $100: $88.34 New Jersey debates whether to call its processed mystery meat pork roll or Taylor ham, but a 6-ounce box costs $3.39 at any Shop-Rite in New Jersey, and a $2.19 generic can only add so much more mystery. He immediately put my mind at ease as we talked about my case during the free initial consultation. 1, Sec. Rosetti's in Biloxi serves most of the items mentioned above, but it’s Rosetti po' boy with blue crab patty, cheese, and fries at $9.99 takes this in a walk. For some, this day has been a long time coming. Related: What Your Salary Is Really Worth In Every State. That's $20 pastrami burgers for your $102.77.