Parrot is a bird. The average age of a parrot is 10–15 years. The southern hemisphere does not have nearly as rich a fossil record for this period as the northern, and contains no known parrot-like remains earlier than the early to middle Miocene, around 20 mya. Parrot is the only known bird/animal which can speak like humans. Parrots usually fly in herds. google_ad_width = 728; Check out our range of fun parrot facts for kids. Its feathers are used for ceremonies in many communities. Parrots that have high learning activity can count, identify numbers and objects. Parrots can range in size from about 3.5 to 40 inches (8.7 to 100 centimeters) and weigh 2.25 to 56 ounces (64 g to 1.6 kg), on average. Many parrots are vividly coloured, and some are multi-coloured. Parrots eat both meat and vegetarian food so they can be called as omnivorous. Parrots are believed to be one of the most intelligent bird species. Parrots are among the most intelligent birds, as are the crow family: ravens, crows, jays and magpies, and the ability of some species to make sounds like human voices enhances their popularity as pets. He was born on 31 October 1875 in Nadiad, Gujarat... 'Christmas' is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Jesus. /* sci facts 160 */ The most important components of most parrots' diets are seeds, fruits like nuts, buds and other plant material. The parrot construct the nest on the trees,in the tree trunk holes,in the tunnels and also in other places. Af... Full name of 'Narendra Modi' is Narendra Damodardas Modi. Subsequently, the fossil record—again mainly from Europe—consists of bones clearly recognisable as belonging to parrots of modern type. [11] The climate there and then was tropical. 5.Some parrots are multi coloured. 1) Parrots have very diverse groups with curved beak and colourful feathers mostly preferring warm tropical regions for the living. 2nd bunch of lines. Some people keep it in a small cage which is not good. A few species sometimes eat animals and carrion (dead animal carcasses), while the lories and lorikeets are specialised for feeding on floral nectar and soft fruits. Almost all parrots nest in tree hollows, and lay white eggs from which hatch altricial (helpless) young. Others may eat fruit, nectar, flowers or small insects. Because some species have the ability to make sounds like human voices and have … All living things consist mostly of water eg. This provides them with There are some varieties of parrots which likes to live in the snowy weather. A parrot is commonly green in colour and has a curved beak. Its feathers are green. 10 Lines on Parrot: Parrots are the beautiful birds belonging to the category of 390 species with a presence in tropical regions all over the world. The greatest diversity of parrots is found in South America and Australasia. The parrots can do the mimicry.They can imitate the sounds of the human being,animals,the sounds in the environment. 1st bunch of lines. Kakapos are critically endangered flightless parrots, as of 2010 only around 130 are known to exist. The smallest of the parrots is the pigmy parrot (Micropsitta pusio) with an adult weight of 11.5 grams (0.41 oz) and a length of 8.6 centimetres (3.4 in). Their beaks are short, strong and curved. It can imitate the human voice. Parrot is a bird. Parrots are birds of the order Psittaciformes. 2.These birds are mainly found in the tropical and sub tropical regions. Some species are known for imitating human voices. 3.Parrots eat seeds,nuts,fruits,buds and other plants material. 2.The feathers of the parrot are brightly coloured. They are found in most tropical and subtropical regions.