Life Action Ministries But this is a good opportunity, a good week to slow down and say, “How am I preparing my heart?” And again, the names of Jesus that just resonate with this message is that Jesus is the truth; he is the word of God; he’s the holy one of God. Asheritah: And yet, as I unwrapped Jesus’ names that first year, it was like unwrapping a gift each day. I mean, again, he grew up in an environment when he was a young child that was very disruptive – right? We serve a God who let go of the splendor of Heaven and became an appearance as a man and became obedient to the point of death on a cross. And we’ve got copies at Erin Davis is an author, blogger, and speaker who loves to see women of all ages run to the deep well of God’s Word. But to bring my brokenness and to bring my hope of bringing new joy to this Christmas season, to ask God to help me rediscover the joy of Christmas anew, and he led me to the names of Jesus. To reveal the ways that Emmanuel is God with us. But what I found helpful – two practical things in our family – one is at the beginning of the season, we’ll sit down with the kids. But I’ve learned that Jesus welcomes us to come to Him messy bun, sticky hands, crumby floors and all. And so, would you give me your love? And we see all the highlights of everyone else’s holiday season. $5 Million Match! And together with her husband, Flaviu, they have three young children, so it’s a terrific season for them, I’m sure. So, as we decorate the Christmas tree, we can talk about how it’s an evergreen. It’s called Unwrapping The Names Of Jesus. As long as it takes.” And so that – that Christmas move, he told me later, was gonna be his last pursuit. We do not serve a God who is distant somewhere in the cosmic universe who is detached from our hurts and our pain. Connect with her at. Asheritah: Um, and there wasn’t really a lot of oversight. I can’t imagine – well I can imagine it – but for all the work that goes into preparing that Thanksgiving meal and then I just look at the table and whomp (ph), we’re done in, like, 10 minutes. Exposing Idols with Asheritah Ciuciu and Lore Ferguson Wilbert. Let’s start with one of your favorite memories rather than the negative side. And she just kind of laughed. Double your gift for struggling families! It’s about relationships – and in that moment, to be able to laugh and say, “You got me. And she joins us today on Focus on the Family. Yes, I will give families hope this Christmas! Not because I don’t know, but because my soul ceases to be amazed. Jim: Well, for some not – that are listening that don’t know it, describe it. About the Hosts. As I mentioned, Asheritah Ciuciu is here with us. So obviously hope meant a lot to you. John Fuller: Well, that’s Asheritah Ciuciu. Terms of Service apply. But just send a gift of any amount. From my husband (who is my biggest champion and a huge support in the technical part of running our ministry), to my mom and mother-in-law (who take turns babysitting our girls), ... advent, asheritah ciuciu, author, coffee with, creatives, interview. And just like you, I live a full but busy life. I’ve always written truthfully here, sharing my heart in ways I hope encourage you. Then get 23 Scripture readings, devotions and pieces to build your own Nativity set! I think it can threaten to take our focus off of the reason for the season, which I know we say so easily – right? He’s the Good Shepherd. John: …Always, yeah. $5 Million Match! FacebookTweetPin Without fail, one of the first questions people ask me when we meet is, “What does Asheritah mean?” Granted, it’s an unusual name, so I’ve come to expect it. John: Well, we want to encourage you not to have a perfect Christmas but to have a richer one as a result of what we’re hearing today from Asheritah Ciuciu. Asheritah Ciuciu. Asheritah: She was pushing my buttons. And I think it’s only been made worse by social media and all of the comparison. Jim: Not just eat and run. To create our... To see what your friends thought of this book, Quiet Time Journal: 90-Day Bible Study and Prayer Journal, Asheritah Ciuciu is a writer and speaker who helps women find joy in Jesus in the midst of an overwhelming life. Asheritah and her husband, Flaviu, have three children and reside in Ohio. And to be the agents of hope, to bring the light of the world into that dark place and to talk about why we do this? asheritah ciuciu 1 Dec 2017 . And I understand your daughter kind of poked that fear one day. Make your own Advent wreath. I’m a bestselling author, national speaker, and missional entrepreneur. And so, we celebrate that God himself took on flesh and became human and entered this world as a baby for our salvation. He’s the Lion of Judah. She also shares how to honor God in the dating process through the use of firm boundaries and an accountability partner. But if you’ve been wondering the same thing, I’ve got to warn you that there’s a whole story to it. Asheritah Ciuciu is a writer and speaker who helps women find joy in Jesus in the midst of an overwhelming life. So, growing up in a Christian family I always, of course, knew the meaning of Christmas. And would you fill me up so that it overflows into the lives of my family and my children and my husband so that I can be an agent of love and reconciliation?” And it’s overjoying to see when God answers that prayer. Asheritah is an author, speaker, ... She has a husband named Nate, a puppy named Harper Nelle, and too many books to read in one lifetime. Erin Davis. And that has made all the difference. *Offers available only during the broadcast of the podcast season. Because he’s gone before us. On the one hand, there’s the first coming of Jesus Christ. Jim: I don’t know how old you were. Again, the cover is unbelievable. This season has a way of revealing how we often turn to food and other idols for comfort. Lore Ferguson Wilbert is a writer, thinker, and learner. But my dad had anger issues. Asheritah: Yeah, I’m sure he was carrying a lot of baggage. Asheritah: And that – oh, my goodness, it just made the Scriptures come alive as I studied them during the season. And together with her husband, Flaviu, they have three young children, so it’s a terrific season for them, I’m sure. And of course, one of them said, “It’s about Jesus,” and the other one said, “Presents,” you know? And she even said – she said, “When I looked at the videos of our past Christmases, I could tell I was not healthy. Is book publishing an important component in your overall mission & strategy? Steward your gifts, win at what matters most. She also offers practical and fun suggestions to help families experience a meaningful Christmas. Asheritah: And you have a baby now, and you get to do all these fun traditions.” And in a moment of clarity and honesty, I said, “No, really. I mean, you had some things occurring. So, there are all these expectations that we bring to the holiday season. When you become an Illuminate author, we commit to leveraging our industry experience, advocacy, and creative energy to your success, Publishing World-Changing Books with Industry Leaders since 2006, Raise your hand if you read a book or devotion, A reason to celebrate this morning: @agenttawnyj h, Now THIS was a fun birthday surprise to put togeth, Congratulations, @missmustardseed! It is in Jesus that we are found hidden in God’s love. But I don’t want to move off this heavy burden issue because, in fact, I talked to Jean, my wife, about this this morning. And my dad pastored a church – actually, five churches – one church officially and four underground churches during the communist regime in Romania. And before it gets put away, it’s sort of, like, well, there’s less to put away if I eat more. Christmas holds a lot of hard memories for me. I was easily agitated.” And she could see it in those home videos. Hopefully, you had a chance to look at that. It was my joy to be here. And I look up in the rearview mirror and make eye contact with her. Ashteritah: “You have the opportunity to begin a new Christmas tradition with your family.” And she just encouraged me to bring my concern to Jesus, which I’d never thought of doing that. And it’s about enjoying the moment and what Christmas truly means. Asheritah Ciuciu is a writer, a public speaker, and the founder of One Thing Alone Ministries, which helps women who feel overwhelmed by life to find joy in Jesus. Jim: Asheritah, thank you again for being with us the day after Thanksgiving and going into this wonderful Advent season. Dr. Mike Bechtle explains how we can stop allowing difficult people to control our emotions, and how we can set healthy boundaries and extend the love of God to them.