This will help you avoid feeling clammy if you begin to sweat during the night. After one too many summer nights of trying the one leg in, one leg out method to keep cool under our down comforter, we finally caved and bought a cooling blanket. There are some materials that feel slightly heavier, but that have a looser weave or other properties, such as moisture wicking that can provide a more comfortable night’s sleep. The lightweight construction ensures that you can use this blanket all year round, keeping you warm and cozy without becoming too hot. The Vellux cotton blanket is offered by one of the most trusted names in blankets, WestPoint Home, used in hotels, inns and homes around the world. These features make the Pure Flax linen blanket a great choice for beds, sofas or even your favorite comfy chair to snuggle down and watch a movie or simply rest and relax. This is a synthetic material that is a lower cost option and is easy to clean. I've washed and dried it several times and it fluffs right up with no noticeable shrinkage, minimal shedding in the lint trap (after a couple of washes) and only a few stray threads. If you live in an area where the climate is a little unpredictable, add this blanket to your wish list. It's the perfect summer weight and lays nicely without bunching. Duvets, made with pure down or a down-feather mix, come in summer-weight fill power. You can even use it on the beach, as you can drop it in your washing machine on your return and have it dried quickly for use that night. The material is designed for lasting comfort. It's great for long travel days in the air or on the road. This blanket comes in three different colors, so you'll find a pattern that matches any decor in your house. I'm hoping that, when I add the second one, it will be warm enough for New England winters.". All of the blankets discussed above have these features, so we’ll explore the characteristics to look for when making your purchase decision. The design is sleek and soft, and is described as sleeping on "pure wool.". © 2010-2020 Wow Media Products, Inc doing business as PureWow. It’s machine washable, and you dry it on air dry. It can also absorb sweat and moisture from your body well which is caused by the summer heat. Although this is a purely aesthetic point, the color options can influence your purchase decision. Pros Made with soft 100 percent Egyptian cotton Comes slightly larger to compensate for shrinkage, Cons Blanket may shed heavily after washing it Every snag shows due to the weave. A hypoallergenic down comforter that has sewn-through construction means the down filling won't shift around as you move. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Its double fabric layers ensure that it is leak-free but still breathable. 19. The bamboo fiber is extremely soft, and it has a very smooth and sleek feel look and feel. Most importantly, it’s very lightweight and airy to be used on summer blankets. Cotton – Cotton is one of the most popular summer blanket fabric choices because it’s very lightweight and breathable. The material choice for your summer blanket is crucial. It comes in the traditional throw size of 60 by 80 inches, but it's also available in queen and king size, in case you prefer to use it on your bed. However, the material should provide sufficient warmth for that cozy feeling. 1999 - 2020. If you want to achieve the best results while taking care and maintaining these awesome cool blankets, it’s best for you to tumble dry on a lower setting. Lightweight – Although … Side note, the color is brown not grey as stated in the description.". The soft, breathable fabric makes this blanket a good choice for both summer and winter nights. However, linen and muslin can also offer a cool sleeping blanket. It will also prevent you from becoming too hot. If you’re looking for a versatile weighted blanket that’s meant to cover your body than your mattress, try YnM. While we have picked some of the best models on the market, there are three stand out blankets that could provide a great summer blanket for you. This lightweight flannel fleece blanket comes in a twin, queen, king, or throw size, and you can choose from 15 color options. It’s very easy to care for, and you can wash it in your washing machine to clean it. Now it's replacing my heavy comforter, it’s plenty warm enough for spring nights, without feeling heavy or hot. The blanket also features box stitching to prevent the beads from leaking. The lighter design gave us that cozy, cocooned feeling we craved, without raising our body temp. You find yourself waking up every morning flustered that you didn't sleep well because you were just too hot. A tighter weave is more likely to keep heat in and generate warmth. And not only will these blankets not make you sweat, but their heat-regulating properties can also help cool you down. The entire set is machine washable, making it super low maintenance. This makes this the best light summer camping blanket. The COHOME weighted blanket is made with premium fabric, which is breathable, skin friendly and soft. It's perfect for hot summer nights and the colors are very vibrant. After all, it’s better to experience its benefits first before considering it as a great gift to others. As a sensational blanket, it adds an elegant and superior look to complement any room. More features: non-toxic and odorless microbeads; box stitching; cooling properties. This 100% cotton thermal blanket looks deceptively simple; it's lightweight, breathable, and far more affordable than a lot of comforters and quilts. Meanwhile, fleece can be used as a summer blanket too since it’s normally thin but soft. Also, pay attention to any temperature specifications because this can shorten the life of your blanket if you’re washing it at the wrong temperature. But it’s also because blankets have been associated with warmth and comfort that help us fall asleep faster. Subscribe to keep up to date with top products to buy online. It has a loose chevron weave that allows for optimal airflow, but it’s heavy enough to keep you warm on cooler nights. It’s a good idea to look at the cleaning and laundry instructions before you purchase a blanket. If you want to get rid of your thick and heavy comforters, a summer blanket is a great alternative. Most importantly, it’s anti-bacterial, anti-static, and anti-fungal which gives it an edge over its competitors. This creates a heavier and less breathable blanket that is more prone to pilling. The layered muslin makes this blanket the ideal weight for hot summer nights and it is quick dry and breathable for optimum comfort. Moreover, it has the ability to absorb and evaporate moisture as fast as possible. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. This blanket comes in a variety of colors to go with any decor you have. This can make it very hard to find a blanket to suit all of your needs, but we’ve rounded up the top ten summer blankets for you. You’re able to machine wash and dry this blanket, and it comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. With the help of it, we can combine all the rankings based on product’s characteristics, statistics, and even feedback about the manufacturer’s customer service into one, all-encompassing score. This can make it very hard to find a blanket to suit all of your needs, but we’ve rounded up the top ten summer blankets for you. The breathable fabric is odor-resistant and slightly heavier. You can use it alone or as an additional layer with your other bedding. The BedJet helps with hot flashes, night sweats, or just for hot sleepers.