Do not leave litter lying around and be polite to everyone as they are all friendly. The boat launch at Middle Lake is accessible by short trail from Liscomb River Road. A few mates or desperados who insist that it will be windy the next day and sit around telling stories in the middle of a cow paddock. Look out for snakes. No dogs permitted and do not disturb the cows. In summer there is light until about 8:30 pm so plenty of time for fun before dark. Shut the gate no matter what as you come in and out. It starts with the flies which are intense all the time until it gets dark and then the mosquitos. Several campsite leases occur within the area. Boggy Lake Wilderness Area is located in the interior of Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, north of Moser River. Rig and launch with a helper in the area between the fence and the bushes, you should be away from the fence and ensure that the way you launch would not allow for engagement with the barbed fence if the launch went wrong. Join us as we discuss the Alberta Fishing License options, fishing rules and fishing regulations. The area is suitable for off-trail exploring, especially on the drumlin hills and along some old woods roads/cart tracks; however, no managed hiking trails exist. The rigging area is excellent for windsurfers but dodgy for kiting. The Dakhla Spirit Camp is located at the best spot in the whole Dakhla lagoon right overlooking the water. There are almost no trees or land formations above 1m here which makes for smoother wind. With freshwater consider that there may be branches hidden in the water so take care, generally the boggy area is okay but I don’t know every bit, and you may kite in areas I have not, also look out for reports of water conditions – namely blue-green algae which normally occurs into and at the end of summer. Northern portions of the wilderness area are within Liscomb Game Sanctuary, which limits hunting to muzzleloader, bow or crossbow. Best directions are SSW and SSE with some strength in the prediction as it will kick into 20-28 knots constant wind until dark. Boggy Lake is a lake located just 9.8 miles from Bergen, in Division 6, in the province of Alberta, Canada. It is the end of the largest river system in Australia, the Murray Darling system. Absolutely no rigging and launching over the fence in the next paddock to the west of the car park. Boggy Lake from Mapcarta, the free map. All you need is a wind prediction of something southerly, ESE to WSW, strength generally does not matter in the prediction only the direction as at about 3-4 pm. There are no toilets, shops, showers, taps, shaded areas, seats, picnic tables or other such things, just how we like it! All rights reserved. At its northern extent, the wilderness area meets the adjacent Alder Ground Wilderness Area at Liscomb River Road. Please remember to check with the local Fish and Wildlife department to ensure the stream is open to the public. Check out our Fishing Times chart to determine when the fish will be most active. This wilderness area protects a representative portion of the Eastern Shore (Moser River) Drumlins Natural Landscape. Whether you’re spinning, fly fishing or baitcasting your chances of getting a bite here are good. The Farmer has given permission for us to access the boggy lake area and we do not want to lose this privilege thanks! Scope Adjustment: 2-Shot Method to Scope Sighting. Boggy Lake is popular due to the most reliable sea breeze in South Australia east of York peninsula. Look out for the barb fence which runs into the water on the other side of the reeds, keep away from it. Numerous, rounded, elongated hills are scattered throughout, often separated by lakes or waterways. I know this because I have caught them. The area offers exceptional opportunities for canoeing, camping and angling in a wilderness setting. To the west, it meets Toadfish Lakes Wilderness Area. There is no tide at all but the depth varies from the gradual evaporation and agricultural drainage over summer. Any wind with North here is to be avoided as it is offshore, gusty, lofty and dangerous especially in summer. Boggy Lake Wilderness Area is located in the interior of Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, north of Moser River. Updated: 2017-Dec-10, Landscape representation - Eastern Shore Drumlins. These well-drained hills, known as drumlins, consist of glacially-derived material (till) and support impressive hardwood and mixed conifer-hardwood forest of mature to older sugar maple, yellow birch, and red spruce.