Her breadth of experience, knowledge, and contacts makes her sought-after professionally in her field. Are you a fit for their company and department? Instead, ask smart, broader level questions that can give you an idea of what life is like with this employer (examples below). When would be a good time to ask about options for flexibility in the interview process? Job seekers want workplace flexibility for a variety of reasons. Now that you are at the interview stage, your top priority is getting the offer. All Rights Reserved. You’ll learn the latest market trends and secrets to creating a winning career strategy – delivered by the legal career’s acclaimed and award-winning expert. | All letters to Ask an Expert become the property of Daily Muse, Inc and will be edited for length, clarity, and grammatical correctness. What would you change about your current job or position? Bringing that topic up too early in the interview process may make you look like you are putting your needs above the company’s. What major provlem have you encountered? Ask about a typical day, or the typical number of hours worked in a week, as well as expectations about extra hours during special projects. It seems like everyone’s muttering it: in articles, podcasts, TED talks, panel discussions, women’s groups, men’s groups, social media and pretty much everywhere else. A job interview is a protracted dialogue. Are interview schedules correct? You should also prepare yourself that when you negotiate flexibility, the answer could be “no.” Think about your priorities and whether or not this would be a deal breaker for you (i.e., are you willing to walk away from the opportunity? Taking flexible work beyond simple telecommuting, CV Distribution. Why? If work flexibility is a top priority for you as a job seeker, the question is not whether to bring up work flexibility in an interview, but when? How do you describe yourself as a manager (if interviewing with the manager) OR how would you describe Chris Smith as a manager (if interviewing with others)? Another study by PwC, the University of Southern California, and the London Business School found that “a significant number of employees from all generations feel so strongly about wanting a flexible work schedule that they would be willing to give up pay and delay promotions in order to get it.”, Broaching the Subject of Flexible Work in the Job Search. It has a negative connotation when interviewing and there is way too much downside. ), or could the experience at the company be something you would be willing to forgo flexibility for a while so you can get new work experience on your resume, prove yourself at … Friends and Colleagues: Tap those around you who may have information about the employer and ask about the environment. Are interviewers blowing off calls/meetings? Here are the Do's and Don't of asking questions during job interviews. Describe situations in which you had a variety of projects simultaneously. Start by asking questions about this during the interview process—rather than approaching the employer with your own demands. Post a job for free! It’s important to look at the interview from the employer’s perspective. Can you start in this new profession? Sponsored by Solutus Legal.Site Designed by Planeteria Web Design. Take advantage of this promotion and advertise your job for 30 days. By coming in hot with your lifestyle conversation, you risk giving the impression that your priorities are askew. An increasing number of employees work remotely, have flexible schedules, or work compressed workweeks. What major problem have you encountered and how did you handle it? Flexible work arrangements are becoming more common in the workplace as technology continues to make it possible to work remotely and work non-traditional hours. If the company is committed to doing things the way they have always been done simply because they’ve always been done that way, it should raise a red flag. Theoretically, you should absolutely be able to ask this sort of question right at the start — along with salary and everything else that could be a potential deal breaker about a job. FlexJobs Celebrates National Flex Day on October 20, These 50 ‘Surprising’ Remote Jobs Will Actually Surprise You, Why This Is the Time to Make a Career Change, Job Categories for Remote, Part-Time, Freelance, and Flexible Jobs, New Remote Work From Home and Flexible Jobs, Find Remote Work From Home and Flexible Jobs By Location. What will be the most difficult aspect of making the transition from college to your career? When interviewing for a job, the topic of work-life balance is not one that is easy to raise. How have you responded to your greatest disappointments? Is it wise to inquire about flexible options in an interview, or will doing so reduce your chance of landing the position? What is the most difficult change you've faced in your career? Start by asking questions about this during the interview process—rather than approaching the employer with your own demands. Flexible work arrangements are one data point among many that you and the potential employer will be investigating. Would you prefer a large or a small company? It almost goes without saying that you’ll need to do your due diligence before the interview, and understand what there is to know about the employer’s history with work flexibility. What advice do you have for starting that conversation? What work arrangements have you found best serve your mission?” From there, you can move to more specific questions about the hours  employees keep. If you could change something about this position, what would it be? We will notify you by email when your friend (or friends) sign up for FlexJobs and you will get a free month. If someone is out of pocket will others jump in to help? What do you like best about working here? If a flexible work arrangement is one of those things on your “nice to have eventually” lists, it might be wise to consider a non-flexible work schedule when getting started. I’ve kept my skills very relevant and current during that time through freelancing and other volunteer roles. The Lawyer Whisperer Will Change Your Career. A job interview is a protracted dialogue. What are people’s general work schedules? Do people look thrashed? Personnel Selection: Interview Questions: Flexibility. You probably don’t want to broadside the employer with a last-minute request. This is a decision you need to make at the outset of your job search.