Yes. However, your CPA is correct that the Paycheck Protection Program is based on your prior year’s payroll. Q: If I need counseling, can I receive it? On Sunday, March 22th, under the direction of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, M.D., MPH issued a director’s order to require all Ohioans to stay in their homes to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Q: After April 3, 2020 will veterinary hospitals still be considered essential? Providing doggie transportation for Canine Cove in case you can't leave your house. ICC and COMESA Business Council join forces to foster private sector development in Africa. Q: In a car dealership, does new and used sales department count as essential or just service, parts, and body shop? The Department of Homeland Security has also issued a guidance on workers who are essential to infrastructure. A. (assists families in crisis by providing food, clothing, basic needs & more) Allow my data to be collected. Essential advocacy response. Local authorities are able to adopt additional requirements not preempted by any of the previous Governor’s executive orders. A: Business owners may contact the State Coordinating Officer, who in conjunction with the State Health Officer, will be maintaining the list of essential services. A: Veterinarians, veterinary hospitals and pet boarding facilities were added as essential in the 2nd amendment to the initial Miami essential services order and was not removed in the 3rd amendment. However, to the greatest degree possible, such employees should work remotely, and if not feasible, practice the utmost precautions as outlined in the Order and by the Surgeon General while in the workplace. Q: Are inflatables rentals considered essential? By Essential Business. Additionally, the flight instruction would be in violation of the of the Center for Disease Control and EO 20-91‘s social distancing guidelines. While states are calling for quarantine orders and business closures, businesses and services that support the infrastructure needed to combat the coronavirus must not be harmed, Donohue wrote in a letter to Trump. A: There is not an order that essential employees or industries must operate. Q: Do I need a special permit to travel if I am stopped by the police or to prove that my business is deemed essential? Under the CISA guidelines, new home construction servicing is considered essential and physical distancing should be practiced at all times. Now is the time to perform home repairs and those little projects around the house. Your Essentials membership package includes: Business development . Q: Will equine boarding facilities be able to remain open to allow owners of the boarded horses to ride them? Q: Does the eviction suspension apply to small mom and pop hotels that are privately owned? Q: Can I visit or travel to a family member? Essential businesses are ones that the public rely on in their day-to-day life. Q: Is my business “essential” under the new executive order to “Stay at Home”? Are we allowed to remain open? To repair the water heater? Violation of the Governor’s Executive Order is a second-degree misdemeanor. A: According to the list maintained by the Department of Health and Division of Emergency Management, “Workers responsible for the leasing of residential properties to provide individuals and families with ready access to available housing” are considered essential. A: Yes, under section 2(f) of the Miami Dade County Emergency Order 07-20 contained within the Governor’s Executive Order 20-91, “gas stations; new and used automobile dealerships; and auto supply, auto repair, and related facilities” are essential businesses that may remain open, “provided however that such businesses should ensure that customers practice safe social distancing as advised by the CDC.”. Q: In Escambia county the local newspaper PNJ quoted a spokesperson for the city stating that the Governor’s ” ordinance did NOT specifically order non-essential businesses to close, just orders non-essential employees and other Florida residents to limit their movements to essential activities and stay at home.