You know what my favorite kind of sewing project is? The safety pins may lose their shine, but hold up for years. This has been a hugely popular project and there's an excellent video to show you how. It is sold at fabric stores and Walmart. It was the very end of the bolt and just enough to cover the cushion. Thanks for the post, I was really dreading all that sewing, but now I am excited to work on that project. I used outdoor awning fabric. Today we share how to turn it into Fabric Twine. Thank you so much! The pins are underneath and you don’t see them. Add pretty details and a pop of color to any room with a simple no sew pillow cover project – then add pom pom trim to make it really fun! Take the excess home to use for another project. I have a porch glider that I want to place at my daughters wedding reception. Hi, how does this method hold up? May I ask where you got that fabric from? Who doesn’t love throw pillows? They are truly stunning and extremely stylish. Here’s how the space looked after my simple no sew cushion cover transformation! Don’t waste your money in stores! You must know by now that I have a huge obsession with making throw pillows. Get a new look at your living without actually replacing the living room sofa and other furniture! Since my cushions were going outside and the bottom wouldn’t be visible I chose to save fabric by not covering the entire bottom. Your tutorial is perfect!!! Laarn how to bleach pine cones white with this easy to follow video tutorial. Thank you so much for this… I have been needing to put some cushions on the gliders on my back patio and did not want to figure out how to sew them. We have a video tutorial to show you how plus a bunch of super cute and very easy projects to try. A simple step by step guide on how to make a no sew cushion cover. I was going to sew mine by hand. This is an easy and inexpensive craft idea. I have added your site to my favorites bar!! I didn’t want any ties to deal with, so I made sure the foam fit very snugly, so it stays put when I sit on it and easy to grab to take inside when it suddenly starts to rain. It is 2″ thick foam and very dense. Learn how to make this no-sew pom pom pillow in less than an hour. And while I’ve done picture frames and decorative pieces, I wanted to attack something new – like pillows. And I did go to the $ store that was right next to Joann’s and bought the safety pins as you suggested. Thank you so much. Quick & Simple No Sew Cushion Re-Cover {DIY} If you can wrap a present, you can tackle this project! I have 8 boat cushions to do on our sailboat… thanks! Want to make an easy pillow without having to sew? Indoor couch! I never figured out how to get them to stay…until now. You will find so many easy and unique projects, you will be spoilt for choice. I just finished a DIY project (got to give a lot of thanks to my DAD!!) View now. Thanks for sharing them. Thank you so much for this easy and practical idea. Thanks for the recommendation on the Behr House and Fence Stain. The colors are so perfect – I love how crisp, bright, and fun it looks!!! Diane .. If you have your cushion – take it to the fabric store with you so you can get exactly what you need. I’m raising my hand while writing this because I’m totally guilty and not ashamed to admit it. This could save me so much time (especially as I’m really terrible at sewing!). Thank you! I hope 4 inches is thick enough, thoughts? I absolutely LOVE this! I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT USUNIG SAFETY PINS! Make a no-sew bolster pillow PLUS cover in UNDER 5-minutes. All that is required for this action are a pillow and some fabric. You don’t need to know how to sew to make them. 2″ around). I love projects that get non-sewers involved with home dec projects. Love it, thanks so much for sharing, I’ll definitely use this idea for a garden bench which needs a cushion. I love the colors and stripes…what a perfect addition to your porch! This is Great!! How to Make DIY No Sew Sofa Slip Covers ... Place the cushions onto the sofa, hiding the pins. I needed about 5 feet. 3 of 53. That swing is so inviting and festive. I don’t think  there is anything more motivating to get DIY projects done than having guests to your home whether it be for over night or a party. See them all now! I’m glad I’m not the only one out there using safety pins. The fabric was solid which made it easier – no pattern to center or match up. googletag.defineSlot('/107373944/InMyOwnStyle_Native', [[300, 250], [500, 250], [500, 350]], 'div-gpt-ad-1414094061888-0').addService(googletag.pubads()); These no sew pillow covers are an easy way to make a memory shirt pillow too! Super easy to cut foam with an electric knife. All you need is an A4 sheet of paper and a pair of scissors and you are good to go. Love it. Hi Amy – I had the foam cut so it would be a very snug fit so it never slides. Tip. I had no idea that it was on sale and was happy to get such a great deal! I love this idea, but how do you prevent it from sliding off? For those who cannot or prefer not to sew, however, beautiful, clean-looking sofa slipcovers are still possible. I love this idea, and it is right up my alley!! Hi Linda- I love using Velcro, but it can be expensive. Depending on the size of your cushions, you can also use pillow cases. Yippee! Or you can fold the new fabric under, apply the glue, then adhere it to the old cover. If you don’t have the plywood you are going to have to sew actual cushions, which is to be avoided at all costs. Wash with detergent and mildew remover, then rinse and let it dry out in the sun. I’ve been making all sorts of NO SEW DIY Minecraft goodies for my kids and so far these DIY Minecraft pillows are my favorite! Don't miss this awesome idea, you will love it! We have a quick video to show you how. I am going to use this on my existing cushions. I followed your instructions and my swing came out beautiful. Quick & Simple No Sew Cushion Re-Cover {DIY}. They lasted several years, until she was ready for a decor change. I have a antique iron trundle bed that I want to use in the living room and make it comfortable enough to sit on. Thank you so much for an awesome idea. The DIY No Sew Pillows will add flair to your home decor but won’t take all afternoon to make. I love it. I’m crazy about this idea! The seams never came open. How much a yard please? I wouldn’t buy expensive fabric to cover anything outside because of this fact. See related links to what you are looking for. Great idea, now share with me how I use the technique for the back pillows? I came across your website typing into google: DIY seat bench cover easy cheap! If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know I A) don’t sew; B) am no stranger to iron-on fusion tape; and C) don’t wash my hair too frequently. I’ve done this for easy to unpin, wash and put back on..which I need to do because….like you….I’ve got company comin’…:), No one ever know the difference either :). Did you make the cover yet? How to make a no-sew felt pillow. Confession: #ihavethisthingwiththrowpillows It’s true! Such a great idea! You will want to save the pleated part to re-staple to the couch along the bottom edge. To make the no-sew cushion cover: pretend the foam is a gift box and wrap it as you would a gift, using fabric instead of wrapping paper. No sewing machine? No sew pillows are just as lovely as sewn pillows and with the help of this tutorial you can learn how to make a pillow without a needle and thread! I have looked every where for a 65 by 14 and I cant wait to make this I’m not a crafty person but you make it seem easy thank you.its amazing what the colors did for the swing, awesome job. From bold buffalo check to gingham and tartan, plaid is everywhere this season. Get my latest posts, insider tips and more by email. It works great for the back cushions, but not so great for the seat cushinos that have to support more weight. Check out the details here.