guys... these are all flavours that dont exist anymore... eeeew... gross, i would never eat any of these(except for some of the cheese ones maybe)ANYway...some of these just seem to have different names. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts . Here are some examples. Salsa Verde is still available here in Phoenix. Tostitos Utz Vitner's Wheat Thins Wholesome Wise Woodridge XOCHiTL Zapp's Cheese Chili Corn Jalapeno Lime Nacho Ranch Salsa Spicy Taco White Cheddar Organic Gluten free Vegetarian DASH Kosher No artificial colors No artificial flavors No preservatives All ... Doritos Poppin' Jalapeño Flavored Corn Chips - 9.75oz. Doritos. I p... Also check out 204 Lay's Potato Chip Flavors from Around the World, 102 Doritos Flavors from Around the World, List of All Fanta Flavors From Around the World, 101 Pringle Flavors from Around the World (Mostly USA and Japan), Congo School Lunch - Fufu and Caterpillars. Discontinued in the early 80’s it was brought back for a limited time in 2013. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. User account menu • Poppin’ jalapeño? They are enjoyed in over 100 countries, with over a billion (US Dollars) is sales anually. Not all the time no one can win the match of stock market trade , humans are bounded with emotions and personal affairs that makes them to take wrong decisions at right time even though they are masters of trade. remind me of the salsa verde ones they discontinued. They were so good, Hi just returned from Turkey and my partner loves Doritos Baharat cesnili transalated as spicy flavour corn chips does anyone know if these can be brought from anywhere in UK, Great read having useful compound butter. Press J to jump to the feed. ?please answer if u do, Really great list!! 98 (30.6 cents/OZ) Price for in-store purchase only. Flavor could be dirty butthole for all I care... You ate an entire bag and are going back to the store to get another? Does anyone know if there is any in Armenia?? Wish they'd bring that back! #80..... YOU BET THEY ARE GOOD I AM EATING THEM RIGHT NOW AND THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! There are at least two flavors missing from this list: the Pizza Hut and Taco Bell ones that were released in the 80's. They're like crack in a bag can't get enough. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. hey boomers. I think they discontinued my favorite ever: "Late Night Tacos". You are missing Jumpin Jack Cheese from the late 80s early 90s! Salsa! This makes me wonder if the black pepper jack Doritos are still out there somewhere.. ewwwwwww. They still sell Salsa Verde Doritos in Southern California. At least not in SoCal. my favorite kind of all time is taco flavor wish they still had them. Doritos Poppin’ Jalapeno® Flavored Tortilla Chips. hey baby boomer \ Reply ↓ Candis Neil March 13, 2020 at 10:33 PM. A Aaron Thetires (Air in the tires) Aaron C. Reskew (Air & sea rescue) Abe Rudder (Hey brother) Achilles Punks (I'll kill these punk... For the cave dwellers out there, Doritos are a brand of flavored tortila chips that have been made since 1964. The Original Taco way back when.. was the best ever. Love those things! But some sound pretty good.. Too bad in my town they only sell nacho cheese and cool ranch................ :( cheap bastards.... Salsa Verde truly rocks with straight sour cream. We also wonder why Doritos teases us with Salsa Verde (our all-time favorite flavor) every few years.Chip Review's All-time Top 10 Doritos:Salsa VerdeExtreme Zesty Sour Cream & CheddarSmokey Red BBQLate Night all nighter CheeseburgerBaja Picante! About 75%. Close. Poppin' Jalapeño. Discontinued? I haven't seen the Poppin Jalapeno yet. Poppin' Jalapeño. Interesting how many of these come from Japan. Black Pepperjack was sooooo freakin' awesome! Yep. I love black beans, but I consider myself way to straight to eat anything called "beanitos". anyone know the difference in flavor between the salsa Verde and the salsa rio Doritos? I didn't know they had so many flavors! My favorite Doritos flavors are Spicy Nacho; Original Taco; Spicy Sweet Chili; Black Pepper Jack, Four Cheese and BBQ, the latter of which is available only in Canada. Coca-Co... Pringles are a potato chip-like snack food. I hope they don't vanish like the Late Night Jalapeño Popper flavor did. By. Speaking from experience (3 years living in Japan), Japanese Doritos are pretty much universally awful. I am interested in getting a copy of your list for my Pinterest topic page: "International Snacks" @ I would really appreciate it. Reply ↓ chassse February 5, 2020 at 4:26 PM. A journey through the unique, interesting, funny, strange and ordinary things that make up the internet. What ever happened to 1st 2nd and 3rd degree burn ones!?