I observed that perhaps all the pressure that we blamed on them could simply be just a disguise for their worries — worrying about our future, our jobs and life in the future. “I learn a lot from my friends and sometimes when I recall those times, I just feel it was magical when I got to know them.”. “Well, for a time it was a lot of pressure. But I think when you got into high school, especially those good ones, you would be influenced by what teachers say and the atmosphere that celebrates certain rationales and expectations,” Jane said. “From the institutions and system, it will take a long time, especially when you want to change it fundamentally,” Jane said. For years, complaints from children and parents about problems with Taiwan’s education have been common. When I finished my exam last year she even asked me if I want to retake it again this year.”. The system in which grades represent everything,” Rachel says, as if she was reading our thoughts. “But I think starting from evaluation criteria and teaching styles in courses would be a good start. The problems with education in Taiwan are a rather complicated interaction of family, schools and society. It’s just no one has asked us to do so before. Most of the time we don’t know what we are studying for and whether we like it or not.”. “She changed. When we heard of it, we were all surprised and somehow admired her courage, but it shouldn’t be like this, right? In Taiwan, however, students have eight classes per day five or six days per week, carry a lot of books, go to cram school in the evenings and on weekends and have more homework than they can finish. Three young students share their views on an environment that often fosters more confusion and apprehension than success. I am afraid of not getting jobs, my future, and salaries, and whether a diploma could actually get me anywhere. The three of us were walking in different directions, just like tens of thousands of students in Taiwan who are all trying to figure out their own paths and future. The definition of success seems apparent and deeply rooted. Where else do the expectations come from? Each semester is 20 weeks long, and students study during summer and winter breaks. (Part 2). If they looked at today’s high school textbooks, many parents would be surprised at their complexity and depth. I would go nuts,” she said. The problem is: too much, and too difficult. As for Jane, she decided to devote one more year, in hope of getting into medical school. “It shouldn’t be like this,” Rachel told me. Each semester is 18 weeks long, and students take part in other activities during summer and winter break. “I don’t think most students want to be doctors because they want to help others. Jane was heading back to her dorm to finish her assignment while Rachel had to meet up with friends who came along with her to Taipei. Adapting to Taiwanese society. Support staff should be available to help when a Chinese-language speaker is required. “I don’t think I can truly devote to something just because I really like it. She was beginning to lose interest in her major, and felt that attending the best university in Taiwan did not guarantee her a bright future like she had been told. This will require changes in the education … “I am more like the loser in this system. Of course I do have some thoughts, but I was too afraid I might say something stupid or something wrong, so I said I didn’t know,” she said. This, however, is a decades-long problem that affects almost every school in Taiwan. “Why can we only speak when we have good ideas? I guess they don’t exert their expectations on me.”, “For mine it’s different,” Jane said. “I don’t think I regret it,” she says. Tensions over statehood manifest at every level of education in Taiwan. Taiwan. The phenomenon of “dinosaur parents” — who lash out at teachers, store staff or people on the street when confronted about their children misbehaving — has been an issue for a while, but there seems to be an uncomfortably high number of incidents making the news lately. “Maybe because I was never rebellious or what. Wherein lies the problem? During The Tech Revolutionist’s visit to Smart City Summit and Expo 2018 held in Taipei, we were introduced to some of the latest Education Technologies (EdTech) solutions for the market. She said she enjoyed club activities, which she did not have much time to participate in before, and that she liked the much more flexibility in class selections. She was rather quiet in the beginning, but after a little chat about her high school years she began to tell me more about her past year.