However, Judith is aware that Lori is her biological mother. Though saddened by Mika's death, Carol focuses on the situation at hand and dissuades Lizzie from harming Judith, telling her that, "She can't even walk yet," and would therefore not make a very good walker. Lori is disturbed when Carl tells her he would've put Sophia down if he could. In Alexandria, Magna's group arrives at the gates and Judith assures them they'll be safe. After Mary explains she doesn't remember much because she was brainwashed by Alpha, Judith says she thinks that had Mary stumbled across her parents first, she would have turned out better, and claims that she doesn't look like a monster to her. After Judith saves Magna and her group, Magna seems to be impressed by Judith and her capabilities. When she was about to die, she told Carl not to be afraid, and that she thought he was brave, strong, clever, and told him to always make choices based on what he thought was right and to never doubt his decisions and let the world change him, Aware of what he could become growing up in such a violent world. Lori brushes this off and tells her Glenn is a big boy. Daryl assures her that he radioed Michonne and told her not to come, even though he didn't get a reply. Axel uses Beth's good handling of Judith as an excuse to hit on her, which an anxious Carol pulls him aside and reprimands him for. Judith, in the few minutes after she is born, is silent. Pre-Apocalypse, they both lived in the same small town in Georgia. Donna, along with Lori and Carol, seemed to have a stable relationship. Female "Killer Within" to Present Without any consideration, she chose herself and demanded Maggie perform a C-section on her. Lori and Andrea listen from the kitchen. And while he was able to find his son, the pair were only able to locate Judith’s carrier … which was covered in blood. Judith is still in the care of Tyreese and Carol. Breakdown Of The Gruesome Deaths In The Midseason Finale, ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Spoilers: Watch The Governor Confront Rick In New Sneak Peek Video From The Mid-Season Finale, Episode 8 [VIDEO], ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 Spoilers: Who Is Going To Die In The Mid-Season Finale, Episode 8? Assuming Rick was dead, she shared one passionate night with Rick partner, Shane, which she would come to deeply regret once she was reunited with Rick. Lori, along with Carl, Shane, and a bed-ridden Rick, still resided in King County when the outbreak occurred. Judith and R.J. have a loving brother and sister relationship as they live together with Michonne. Luke seems to be fond of Judith, as he shows a lot of confidence to joke with her. After tearfully saying goodbye to Carl, Maggie cuts her abdomen open, causing her extreme pain, shock and blood loss. She asks what would happen if Daryl was lost and no one could find him, or R.J., or her mom. Negan states he killed Alpha to protect every man, woman and child in the communities, and it's more than likely he did this especially for Judith. Why?". Judith is seen playing with chalk on the sidewalk being minded by Barbara. Series Lifespan Later that day, Judith and a group prepare their convoy and head out on their journey towards Oceanside. This list shows the victims Judith has killed: Rick is shown to be fiercely protective of Judith and loves her deeply. After the death of Amy, Lori is very remorseful and tells Andrea that everyone loved her and that she will be missed. Lori is roughly eight or nine months pregnant. After getting over her grief regarding Lori's death, Carol took a fondness to Judith and was often seen cradling her in her arms and caring for her. The herd passes by but one lagging behind spots Sophia when she attempts to move from her hiding spot. They reach the highway and reunite with the others (except Jimmy and Patricia, who were killed, and Andrea, who was accidentally left behind). They hang up on him when he won't reveal why he killed people. Lori is unsettled by his dark outlook. Walking Dead Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Rick asks if anyone thinks Randall should be spared. When the RV breaks down, Jim asks to be left to die and Lori, along with Dale, agree that his request should be respected despite Rick's belief that their friend is delirious. After Lori's death, Rick talks to Lori on the phone three times. Michonne radios Judith, who says that she's been trying to reach her. Lori asks Shane to come down from the tower. Carl clearly loved his baby sister and, like his father, was willing to keep her safe and protect her at all costs. Lori says "Goodnight, love" as her way of saying goodbye to Carl before Maggie reluctantly cuts her open, stating: "I'm sorry" before she begins. Now Lori has a super big decision to make. When the group arrives at the CDC, they find that the complex has been completely closed off by shutters. Glen wanted to bonk Maggie in the hayloft, but the barn was full of zombies. He thanks her, only on the group's behalf, for saving Hershel, then leaves. Lori and Merle were never shown onscreen together once in the series due to Merle being left behind in Atlanta and disappearing after amputating his hand and Lori dying before Merle was reunited with the group in Season 3. Rick asks Lori for advice about Sophia, as it's been days since they last saw her and the search is beginning to seem hopeless. Lori is shown in the photo that Carl had taken from King County for Judith. Negan climbs down and Judith reminds him there's nothing out there for him. "He died and went to heaven," Judith tells R.J. about "the brave man" in her story. It is revealed that the baby is a girl. They have a son, Carl, and a daughter, Judith, which they believe may have been fathered by Shane. She constantly regrets their act and laments how great a mistake she has made. When deciding the fate of Tyreese's group, Rick has an hallucination of Lori, telling her to leave which causes to Tyreese's group to run away, scared. Michonne later takes Judith after they finish clearing out the Safe-Zone and watches Rick looking after Carl. Rick turns around to see Carl and Maggie emerging from C Block. He tells her that he loves her multiple times and apologetically tells her that he should have told her that before she died. Daryl is clearly saddened by Lori's sudden death, and was determined to ensure her baby did not also die. When they finally meet up with the rest of the group inside the prison, Beth takes Judith to Rick so that he can kiss her on the forehead. Later, Lori is confronted by Shane about Rick's decision. Shortly before the assault on the Prison, Lori tries to tell Rick the truth about her affair with Shane. Daryl stabs the walker in the head, then shouts for help. Lori doesn’t want to have a baby in a ditch and she knows that every time the baby cries, they’ll be in zombie-danger. Dale's intestines are spilling out of his gut. Lori says she made a mess of things and put he and Rick at odds, she tells him she really does not know whose baby she's carrying. She then plays with the group in a snowball fight. He awakens suddenly and grabs Lori, making it seem like he may have turned. The barn is filled with People Sick With Zombie Disease. Judith is successfully delivered via an emergency cesarean section by Maggie Greene, though this results in Lori's death due to blood loss and shock. After she is discovered kneeling by Mika's body, she tells Tyreese and Carol that she had intended to do the same thing to Judith before Tyreese and Carol returned. A while later, Michonne tells Judith her plan of helping the man get back to his family on a naval base in exchange for weapons to destroy Alpha's horde but says she needs to go alone. Gender Rick emerges and recognizes Shane. Both have dark brown hair and brown eyes. Judith appears throughout the episode, often in the safety of either Tyreese or Carol in a baby carrier, which the two take turns wearing on their backs. After Carl was forced to shoot Lori in the head, he became harder, as seen when he killed Jody in cold blood. Dale tries to reason that her baby is worth keeping because he still remembers joy but Lori doesn't think children will have enough good memories made in the apocalypse. He is acting sort of shady (ain’t calling me “baby”) and Uncle Dale notices. Their love is shown for each other several times. He understands now; these hallucinations were his ongoing guilt manifesting; now it's gone because he stopped being cold and ruthless toward people and began trying to help and save once again. They all tie a rope around themselves and head out into the blizzard. 4 years ago. Later, Carl asks Lori if Shane really does believe Sophia is dead. While Maggie is able to save Lori's baby, Lori dies from the shock and blood loss before seeing her newborn daughter. Daryl notes that the Whisperers could be rounding more walkers up, and instructs Judith to stay behind him. Perhaps you should have thought this through. She either didn't know that the pills would not actually terminate her pregnancy or she did know and she tried it as an act of desperation. Alice checks on Lori's baby and states that everything is going well, but is not sure of the due date. Daryl, however, goes on to state that there are a lot of people back at the Tower who would do anything for her, and will one day need her to do anything for them.