, Expeditor/Installation Coordinator, Interior Design Firm in Springdale, AR. .free-templates-lthmenu > .free-templates-lthmenu-li-separator { Thomasnet Is A Registered Trademark Of Thomas Publishing It’s such a pleasure working with SBI. Fabric must be re-treated after each cleaning in order to be compliant with fire code. On most fabrics, it does not significantly affect the fabric's original hand, texture or color. Our light weight backing is a super soft, ultra-light material used when it is critical to maintain the original feel, or hand, of the original fabric. All rights reserved. Thanks so much! Medical, laminations, tactical, health care, military, sporting and other industries served. Ultrasonic, rotary, and score slitting available from 1" to 190". . #menu-btn li a { Applied through mire rod or flood process, and cured via UV heaters, gas ovens, or steam drums. © Copyright 2020. Non Woven fabrics for use in general industry, health & safety. Custom manufacturer of vinyl tablecloth with knit terry loop and flannel backing. } Fabric Backing & Finishing Company works hard to establish itself as the industry leader in backing and finishing services. display: block; Serves the automotive and marine industries. font-size: 1rem; The colors you choose for your upholstery and walls at home can change your mood. background: none !important; Manufacturer of backing and non-woven fabrics. GreenShield® is an environmentally friendly stain protection that is formaldehyde free, produces no VOC's, and uses only one-third of the chemicals used in other finishes. Also offers special treatments and fabrications. This adds body, stability, and makes the fabric easier to work with when cutting and pasting onto a wall. FABRIC BACKING & FINISHING COMPANY ... We received this beautiful sequinned fabric that is perfect for the holidays. Our proprietary processes allow us to knit back fabrics that are traditionally very difficult to back. width: 100%; Fax: 903-675-5331 Knit Back Double-Fuse. 2019-2020 © Copyright The CLI Group. KnitBac™ is our Performance Process of knit backing for upholstery fabric. Stay up to date on industry news and trends, product announcements and the latest innovations. I have to say this is the first order that I personally worked through with SBI and you guys are awesome. Backing fabrics are used as backer material for Cordura® boots to prevent penetration of waterproof booties or linings treated with water repellant. However, rayon and polyester can be treated. Can you treat wall paper, trims or other decorative materials? Please contact us for any questions related to your specific application. barrier liner. Send us a sample of your fabric and our technicians will gladly apply the appropriate backing to suit your application (for a small fee). Simply submit the form below to receive a complimentary brochure with fabric samples. Knit backing provides a luxurious feel to fabrics while increasing wear resistance for longer life. Available in various sizes, thicknesses, and densities. } SBI Fine Fabric Finishing. Thank you so much for all of your help with all of these fabrics. First, the fabric is treated with our FlameGard We've successfully applied knit backing on a wide variety of fabrics including: We have worked with a variety of companies and individuals who need to reinforce fabrics and textiles. DOT Approved Cylinder Requalification Facility, DelStar Technologies, Inc. - Delaware - Corporate Headquarters. This beautiful fabric is so versatile and a staple for holiday backdrops. Various applications include column wrap, wall covering, carpet tile, walk-off mats, membrane roof, slip sheets, paint rollers, boot lining, substrates, filtration and drainage. For applications that require additional padding for comfort or sound insulation, we offer a foam backing for fabric, called FabFoam .elementor-element-a81an46 { You all are so good at communicating with us. Natural fiber fabrics that are exposed to sunlight will fade over time. . Senior Project Manager, Hotel Purchasing Company in Orlando, FL. SBI Knit Backing is one of our most popular finishes because it adds the ideal amount of reinforcement to fabric intended for a wide variety of uses including upholstery. Products include extruded netting, apertured films, meltblown media, engineered composites, thermoplastic nets & non-wovens for automotive, filtration, food service, healthcare & textile industries. Knit backing makes light to mid weight fabrics such as silks, cottons, linens, polyesters, and chenilles more suitable for upholstery use. Covering a wall with leather can create a very warm and inviting space. Applications include auto trim, foam molding, desiccant bags, postforming laminations and cable wrap. Copyright© 2020 Thomas Publishing Company. We partner with companies from a variety of industries, including furniture, handbag, shoe and lampshade manufacturers, along with fabric wholesalers, jobbers, retailers, workrooms, fabrication studios and independent interior designers. background: linear-gradient(to bottom, #f1b62a 0%, #f1b62a 100%); display: none !important; Terms and Conditions, 100% Cotton & Cotton/Polyester Blends. font-size: .75rem; .free-templates-lthmenu a .t { In fact, we once knit backed snakeskin for a customer who was making high end wallets.