Stanl Deal, Boeing’s President of Commercial Airlines, called the new directive a “milestone” and said Boeing would continue to work with regulators to return the plane to the skies. According to KTTN, the recalled products were shipped from a plant in Farmerville, La., to Costco distribution centers in Alaska, Arizona, California, Utah, and Washington. For some — especially older adults and people with existing health problems — it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death. Foster Farms announced a recall of its chicken after a salmonella outbreak sickened more than 600 people, and that number is growing. The true spread, however, remains unknown, according to the statement. The Foster Farms chicken plant in Livingston, California continues to operate, despite a Merced County Health Department order to shut down due to coronavirus. According to the statement, the company ignored most of the guidance. As a result, the State Attorney General’s Office, the California Department of Public Health and the county health department “worked with Foster Farms to limit the impact of the closure and could not reach agreement,” according to the statement. Three deaths are linked to that department alone, the letter states. The case fatality rate in Merced County hovers around 1.3%, but it is up to 2.2% at the Foster Farms facility, the health department said. CalOSHA visited the Livingston facility alongside the county health department on Aug. 3 and noticed the county’s initial recommendations had not been adopted. Subscriber About 3,750 people work at the Livingston facility, which is one of the world’s largest chicken plants. All rights reserved. Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dickson signed an order November 18 that rescinded its earlier March 13, 2019 grounding order. In the letter, health department officials say they attempted to curb the Livingston outbreak several times to no avail. Employees who work in the building will have to test negative twice in seven days in order to return to work, and the building will undergo two rounds of deep cleaning. She is a former staff writer for PolitiFact, where she covered politics, health care... The company is based in Livingston, California, with operations throughout the West Coast and a few on the East Coast.The company specializes in a variety of chicken and turkey (bird) products advertised as fresh and naturally locally grown. Foster Farms said in a statement the plant continued to operate Friday, that there would be “comprehensive testing” and that follow up testing would be done “to ensure that COVID-19 prevalence remains minimal.” The company did not address the shutdown order. Foster Farms employs about 12,000 people in turkey processing in Turlock and at chicken plants in Livingston, Fresno and Porterville as well as in Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, and Alabama. In the statement, Foster Farms confirmed that 392 employees were sickened "in recent months," and eight of these had died of complications related to the virus. Merced County officials said they attempted to work with Foster Farms, the State Attorney General's Office, and the California Department of Public Health, but the parties involved couldn't come to an agreement about how to mitigate the cluster of infections and keep the food production facility open. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra seconded the sentiment, writing: "Foster Farms' poultry operation in Livingston, California has experienced an alarming spread of COVID-19 among its workers. Please reload the page and try again. Foster Farm chicken breast fillets seen in a Target superstore on February 1, 2020. The Merced County Health Department ordered the Foster Farms Livingston Facility to shut down over the largest and most severe COVID-19 outbreak in Merced County, according to a statement released on Thursday by the health department. That represents at least a fourfold increase in cases since the beginning of May, when the CDC reported that more than 4,000 workers had contracted the virus. According to the letter, the county reissued testing directives on Aug. 5 and Aug. 11 that went unmet. Foster Farms announced August 29 that it would temporarily shut down the main building of its Livingston, California, poultry complex after almost 400 workers contracted COVID-19. This article is part of The California Divide, a collaboration among newsrooms examining income inequity and economic survival in California. "However, expanded testing within the department was not completed for an additional three weeks and subsequently, three fatalities were linked to that department alone.". The closure of this plant is the only way to get the outbreak at Foster Farms swiftly under control," Dr. Salvador Sandoval, Merced County's public health officer, said in the statement. The Sun-Star’s Andrew Kuhn contributed to this report. A Foster Farms poultry processing plant in California has been forced to temporarily close its doors due to the coronavirus. “The closure of this plant is the only way to get the outbreak at Foster Farms swiftly under control. Do you have a personal experience with the coronavirus you'd like to share? Want to submit a guest commentary or reaction to an article we wrote? Get the latest coronavirus business & economic impact analysis from Business Insider Intelligence on how COVID-19 is affecting industries. About 3,750 people work at the Livingston, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. Or a tip on how your town or community is handling the pandemic? This article has been updated with a comment from Foster Farms. Whoops! Our hearts are with the eight families who have lost a loved one,” said Merced County Public Health Office Dr. Salvador Sandoval in the statement. The multi-billion dollar company employs about 12,000 people in turkey processing in Turlock and at chicken plants in Livingston, Fresno, Porterville, Oregon, Washington, Louisiana, and Alabama.