Computer. I make new videos on the English language every Tuesday. You are so cute and lovely. Your email address will not be published. Now I’m talking to myself all the time and recording myself and wow!!!! Okay, let’s take a look at those pictures and go over some sentences that you may have come up with. To get many more options to play around, replace real-world objects and actions with images. Take a moment, look around you, and name all of the objects that you can in English. One way to change your long-standing habit of translating in mind is to start thinking in simple English words and expressions. I have no problem with that. Great Post.!!!! I‘m struggling exactly with those things you were talking about. Everything will be explained in English and English only. I’ve been studying Portuguese for 5 years now and I have been to Brasil 16 times and I still can’t converse or understand what people are saying yet. Just a few minutes. The process happens inside your brain. You may ramble. ), Italian: Voglio andare al mare oggi perché il tempo è stupendo, Spanish: Quiero ir al mar hoy porque el tiempo es estupendo, English: I want to go to the sea today because the weather is nice. I watched a 3-minute news story in English. His idea of “when I left the US, ...” was translated into “when I abandon the US, ...”. That helps you respond quickly when you speak. Do it. Change at least one of your everyday life things to English. But then take that word in English, take the new word you’ve learned, and go to a learner’s dictionary. I had to wait hours in a long line of cars and buses. The sentence can be as simple as it has to be. Most of them probably won't even be comprehensible to you, especially as a beginner learner. While speaking in English, do you first think in your native language (also called mother tongue or first language), then translate into English, and then speak? But it’s worth it. It can be really small, like, how to poach an egg. Be patient. Once you get the right method, your worry will disappear. And what a better way to start 2020 than with this goal. 1. So of course you fail. It thinks it’s a great match for you. I have did this for so many years, and still receiving massive input :), it was fun. There’s no right or wrong here. Isn’t it? Then, your native language will fade from your thoughts, and you'll be left with just your target language, so you can think just like native speakers do. So I created my YouTube channel and my Academy to put pronunciation forward., Hi, I read your commont and i felt so sad cos i know when you try to learn your second launguage and try different method and google them for me i am learning english my native launguage is Arabic, I think you should listen and read alot not just try having a conversation with native that means you are gonna become fluent cos you almost use the same words that you have, but when you read you are gonna expend your knowledge in that launguage not just vocab even grammer and common structure etc, so this is my advice cos I find it so effective and eficient since i am like a launguage learner. It happens when speakers don’t have good knowledge of English or their first language. This is a picture of me, David, and Stoney. (This even works well if your native language is English! For beginners, it's often the best way to quickly get comfortable with a new language, and make fast progress. Elisabeth. Me has animado mucho para poder empezar a mejorar el aprendizaje de inglés y seguiré tus consejos y tus videos y blog What you really need is the English input. But if that’s a challenge for you, spend some time on object naming. Now, maybe you can come up with much more than one sentence. Middle syllable stress. You may have come up with phrases that are totally different but are accurate. Window. If you can add this step, of focusing on the pronunciation and listening to native speakers, awesome, if not, if you only have 15 seconds, and you’re naming as many as you can, that’s okay too. With yourself? You can learn a lot of language from just having conversations, but you really need a lot of exposure to make thinking in another language feel effortless and natural. Use translation to help you quickly find your bearings in a language. Yes, I know that you think it’s difficult. Everything you see, you’ve got a friend request, and so on, will be in English. The login page will open in a new tab. Click here to see the video. Try to the extent possible, but nothing like 100 percent. In 30 days, you’ll see. Thanks for the nice words and for telling us your story Ryan =) L. ¡ Muchísimas gracias ! Mimicking conversation provides you the much needed every-day sentences we speak. Every morning when you wake up, before you get out of bed, take two minutes to think about your day in English. Thanks a bunch, you are the best!!!! Thinking and saying words in English connect the images and the words together. Put it in there, close the door, press ‘start’, there we go! Now, reflect on how much thinking you do through the day. What did you say about that? Or even if they’re patient to wait for you, emergencies don’t wait. Enjoy! One of the things that makes the human brain unique is that we can think creatively. Here’s another idea of an everyday thing you can do in English: take one thing like getting dressed, making breakfast, getting from your car to your desk, cleaning up. Have small conversations with yourself in English. Which of these ideas is new to you? Think small first. I make new videos on the English language every Tuesday. And you’ll learn the language faster. While we train your brain to think in English, we may discover some words you don’t know yet, great! Keep moving forward. On a family visit in Hong Kong, she was forced to speak to her cousins in English because they couldn’t understand Bahasa Indonesia, her native language, and she couldn’t understand theirs. We’re going to see a photo, this is of my son Stoney, and my niece Emily, on a recent trip to Mexico. Here are few graded exercises (increasing order of difficulty) that will help you think directly in English. This is why, in addition to my mission to help you improve your clarity and knowledge of spoken English, I also want to give you tools to improve your fluency and confidence. Please subscribe with the notifications and come on back. Otherwise, you’ll be let down. Try it. (Gelegenheit means opportunity, by the way.). The fear of being judged and coming off as unintelligent. Massive input is just what it sounds like: your regular kinds of input (i.e, listening and reading), but just on a massive scale. I’ve covered this extensively in the post on how to build active vocabulary, the one you can actually use spontaneously in speech and writing. What really counts in communication is not the sophistication of your message, but how well you're able to deliver it. I think in ideas and images. Let’s watch videos together again on Tuesday. Let’s see. Learn to Think in English with these 3 Steps. Get your mind ready to think in English. Did that timer in the corner stress you out? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Join Rachel's English Academy or buy Rachel's eBook, American English Pronunciation, to supercharge your conversational English. Idea is to get going without inhibitions. Not finding the appropriate words when speaking After you finish, review how you can improve what you just spoke and then speak again. Practicing it makes it easier. But actually, it may only be hard at the beginning. They’re sitting in a white plastic chair at a restaurant. Million subscriber button. Daily English Conversation Practice – Questions and Answers By Topic, 50 Common English Expressions and Daily Use English Sentences, 100 Common English Phrases and Sentence Patterns, 102 Common English Idioms – Meaning and Examples. Some of the points were familiar to me and some them is very new for me. Thanks for sharing this post with us it was really very informative and quite helpful for my small research. As you progress, you'll find that you'll need to translate into your native language less and less, and, just like the training wheels on a bike, you'll eventually grow beyond it. You can use an online dictionary.