Completely hypoallergenic and offers exceptional anti-bacterial benefits while controlling excess oil on your face. This soft supima cotton has been tested for antimicrobial activity, and the results show that 99.7% of bacteria were eliminated from the pillowcase because the pure silver woven into the fabric inhibits their growth. I would definitely recommend this to anyone fighting off acne!” Heather, Amazon. Above $50. It is also durable, comfortable, and anti-inflammatory in nature! So, all in all, an antimicrobial pillowcase is a safe and clean option that is beneficial for healthy hair and skin. There is speculation about how well these pillowcases really work at stimulating clearer skin, and whether they’re worth the extra cost. All Natural. The Mulberry Alaska Bear is a silk pillowcase for acne; it is all-natural and will help absorb oil from your skin while retaining natural moisture as not to dry out the skin. In the Cosy House, Premium collection, the pillowcase is available in a set, with many stunning color options for you to choose from. Thermal regulating abilities that ideally balances your body heat as you sleep. These are the best best pillowcases for acne: Up first is the NuFabrx pillowcase, one option that can not only help with your acne but also might get you to fall asleep faster. The pollutant protection is important, however, as contaminants can irritate the skin further. If you suspect your pillowcase may be to blame for the last of your stubborn spots, here are a few things to try: It is highly recommended to wash sheets every 7 days, and most people wait to wash their pillowcases with their sheets. As explained above, the SleepClean pillowcases’ silver ion technology works by reducing bacteria growth on the pillow. The silver ions and natural minerals in this pillowcase rejuvenate the skin by improving its firmness, radiance, and complexion. Using an anti-acne pillowcase can help in keeping acne at bay. If nothing else, a fresh new pillowcase will always be good for your skin. Not only is this pillowcase ideal for acne but wrinkles and preserving the natural beauty of your skin in turn. Easy care and machine washable pillowcase. This antimicrobial pillowcase is made of washable polyester with a thread count of 90. Many customers purchase two pillowcases for this reason. The gentle fabric of the pillowcase reduces hair frizz and helps in maintaining hairstyles, as well. However, a silk pillowcase alone is not an anti-acne substance. This super-soft cotton pillowcase is antibacterial, anti-allergic, and antifungal in nature to help get rid of harmful bacteria, allergens, and other microbes. It case keeps your skin cool and lets you sleep peacefully. Hypoallergenic and moisturizing, it is also much softer against the skin. Designed for sensitive skin. My only (admittedly minor) gripe is that I would love to see this available in different colors. Even if you’ve had a very long day always try to at least have a quick face wash before you go to bed. “I absolutely love this pillowcase!! The ionic silver also helps protect against odors and pollutants. Annie Jangam is a Molecular Biologist with 7 years of research experience in Rice Functional Genomics and Nutrient Signalling with International Publications in Abiotic stress, Nitrogen, and G-protein signaling. It may manifest as blackheads, pimples, or whiteheads. Kleen Fabrics Acne-Fighting Pillowcase is infused with patented Kleen Silver that does not wash out for a long time. This pillowcase uses pure, natural, and recycled silver salts that make this the world’s most advanced antimicrobial fabric. Acne can be present in teenagers and adults; some adults may never outgrow this condition; however, there are many treatments and similar cures for this condition, even in its most extreme case. Lavender and lemon balm are well-known for their relaxing effect, often helping lull people into relaxation and sleep. It maintains its softness perfectly as well. The SleepClean case can fit most pillows up to a queen size. This hypoallergenic silver pillowcase also protects your skin against inflammation. The copper which enters your body through this pillowcase is fully metabolized and completely safe. This is a product I had seen on a bloggers profile and was anxious to try. So in the end, you have an anti-acne and anti-aging remedy in one pillowcase. Sweet dreams. Thus, they eliminate bacterial growth effectively and are 100% safe. Its fabric is smooth and does not wrinkle. These are the top brands with superior results in each of their classes, the type of pillowcase you require is up to you. The answer can be deduced by you by going through the feedback available by the users of silk pillows. It has a mild scent that is delightful and doesn’t trigger a migraine at all (in fact I find it soothing). It is great for preventing acne, wrinkles, and frizzy hair. Real Nature Fight-Acne Pillowcase is made with 95% soft and renewable A-grade cotton fabric and 5% pure silver thread. Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the hair follicles on your skin become clogged with oil and dead skin cells, causing a pimple, whitehead, and in some cases, a blackhead to form. Although whiteheads and blackheads tend to occur because of excess oil and dirt on the skin, Acne, which more often is larger pimples or cysts, can develop from other reasons not related to skincare or health. “I mean who would think a pillowcase would make such a difference? The only thing in my nightly schedule that has changed besides this pillowcase is that I’ve started taking fish oil supplements for my skin, and I think that they and the pillowcase are working very wonderfully together. Check Price. These are the best best pillowcases for acne: #1 NuFabrx Pillowcase.