With the addition of Griffith, planning began, but Hart bowed out before things had formalized. Something else to watch out for in a contract? “The actor went to a clinic and had another blood test that showed he had recently become infected with HIV.”, Another actor from the second film shoot has also tested positive for HIV, which health officials said was “probably transmitted” by the first actor. Actors with agents do not often need lawyers to work on their contracts, but there are exceptions. These circumstances soon resulted in a number of critically acclaimed and highly influential works, including Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon in 1943, Kenneth Anger's Fireworks in 1947, and Morris Engel, Ruth Orkin and Ray Abrashkin's Little Fugitive in 1953. The acquisitions of the smaller studios by conglomerate Hollywood was a plan in part to take over the independent film industry and at the same time start independent studios of their own. He refused the opportunity, stating that he would rather work on his own projects.[12]. Because of this, many of their films would be shot on location. What if there’s vague terminology within the contract that I don’t understand? The final class of film consisted of genre and specialty films administered by independent producer-distributors with only a few dozen or possibly a few hundred-release campaigns screens in select urban markets. He offered Lynch only $6 million in order to minimize the risk if the film had failed to recoup its costs; however, the film, Blue Velvet (1986) was a resounding success. The superior products were the large, budget blockbusters and high-cost star vehicles marketed by the six major studio producer-distributors. "[27], In an effort to join the growing independent film industry, the six major studios have established numerous subsidiary branches, designed to develop less commercial films that appeal to the growing art film/art house market. ", "European Digital Initiatives Offer New Paths for Distributing Indie Films", "Audiovisual sector support – Culture – European Commission", "Paperclips Magazine - Your scoop in TV, Movies, and Books! Unions have pay scales, so whether or not you belong to one, it’s a good idea to take a look at union minimums to get a ballpark idea of the right rates. The corporate mentality these companies brought to the filmmaking business would slowly squeeze out the more idiosyncratic of these young filmmakers, while ensconcing the more malleable and commercially successful of them. In retrospect, it can be seen that Steven Spielberg's Jaws (1975) and George Lucas's Star Wars (1977) marked the beginning of the end for the New Hollywood. While I’m reading, what are some common questions I should ask myself and red flags I should watch out for. "[13], The development of no-budget film production company ASS Studios in 2011 brought guerrilla style tactics to their filmmaking. Along with his producer/co-star/co-writer Peter Fonda, Hopper was responsible for one of the first completely independent film of New Hollywood. The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry. Malden, MA, US: Blackwell Publishing, 2008. p.31, Eric Escobar from NAB, We Are All Geeks Now, Producers Releasing Corporation (a.k.a. Independent Filmmaker Contracts for Film Producers, Directors, Actors, Investors and Writers From script to sales the Investor/Producer/Writer must protect her/his film, documentary, music video, stage Project investment from concept to distribution with IndependentFilmmakerContracts.com [24], The European Union, specifically through the European Cinema and VOD Initiative (ECVI), has established programs that attempt to adapt the film industry to an increasing digital demand for film on video on demand services, outside of theatrical screenings. [20] Miramax Films had a string of hits with Sex, Lies, and Videotape, My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown, and Clerks, putting Miramax and New Line Cinema in the sights of big companies looking to cash in on the success of independent studios. Film done outside major film studio system, United Artists and resistance to the studio system, Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers, Exploitation boom and the MPAA rating system, Technology and independent films in the 1990s–2000s. “It’s happened before, it’s happened now, and it will happen in the future.”. Successful films such as the Blair Witch Project (which grossed over US$248.6 million while only spending US$60,000) have emerged from this new accessibility to filmmaking tools.