Turkey Insurance Companies Insurance companies in Turkey, including both life insurance and non-life insurance on the basis of their gross written premiums are as follows: Turkey Life Insurance Companies Anadolu H. Emeklilik Insurance Aviva Emeklilik Insurance Yapi Kredi Emeklilik Insurance Basak Emeklilik Insurance Vakif Emeklilik Insurance 1.5        Are companies permitted to indemnify directors and officers under local company law? Aksigorta Insurance If an example should be given, the interest rate for a commercial dispute which arose after 1 January 2019 is 21.25% yearly. A vehicle owner has the opportunity of choosing from two kinds of policies either the third-party liability or the comprehensive insurance policies. Because of the warm climate, both heat exhaustion and heat stroke are also serious concerns. 1.3        Are foreign insurers able to write business directly or must they write reinsurance of a domestic insurer? Selcuk Esenyel This kind of insurance covers the staff of an organization in the event of sickness or accident. ESENYEL & PARTNERS LAWYERS AND CONSULTANTS, ESENYEL & PARTNERS LAWYERS AND CONSULTANTS, The International Comparative Legal Guides and the International Business Reports are published by: Global Legal Group, This publication is invaluable when I am assisting clients in foreign jurisdictions. Turkey has a national health insurance plan provided by the social security health administration or SGK (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu). 5.1        What approach do the courts take in relation to arbitration and how far is the principle of party autonomy adopted by the courts? All the insurance companies, foreign or local are parts of this association. According to the second paragraph of article 1403 of the Turkish Commercial Code, an insured does not have the right to bring direct action against a reinsurer. The main governmental body that regulates and supervises the insurance and reinsurance sector is the General Directorate of Insurance acting under the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Therefore, the court may not compel the parties to apply to the insurance arbitration committee. Foreign reinsurance companies can reinsure the risks of Turkish insurance companies without holding a licence, to the extent the foreign insurance companies do not actively solicit in Turkey in this respect (the solicitation must come either from the insurance company or through reinsurance brokers). Therefore, according to paragraph (l) of article 3 of the Turkish Consumer Code that entered into force one year after the Turkish Commercial Code, insurance contracts concluded between consumers and insurers should be deemed as a consumer transaction, and the competent court for such disputes should be consumer courts. 2.5        Is there a positive duty on an insured to disclose to insurers all matters material to a risk, irrespective of whether the insurer has specifically asked about them? In order to commence a commercial dispute, court fees should be calculated on the basis of a percentage of the alleged indemnity and/or claim. 4.11      If a party refuses to a request to mediate (or engage with other forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution), what consequences may follow? Copyright © 2019-2020 Gaya Trading Company- All Rights Reserved. Allianz. 1.6        Are there any forms of compulsory insurance? American Life Hayat Insurance They always try to improve their understanding of the clients’ needs in order to create the best service. Arbitration awards, whether rendered in Turkey or abroad, are binding and enforceable as of the time they are rendered. The level of their client care is high and professional no matter if the client is a private person or business corporation. Companies that work with or produce SGK health insurance is provided only for persons who have the nationality of Turkey. Regarding an interim measure or determination of evidence, if an arbitration panel or arbitrator issues an interim measure or decides on the determination of evidence, the enforcement of it may be requested by the competent court. In many cases, we also offer Turkey health insurance policies with no deductible or excesses. Therefore, it would be possible also for such arbitration awards to be set aside before Turkish Courts of First Instance on the same limited grounds as normal arbitration awards. The company is dedicated to its employees as they are to their customers. The appeal period is two weeks for the Regional Courts of Appeal and one month for the Court of Cassation. Using purification tablets or a filter is also recommended. 5.6        Is there any right of appeal to the courts from the decision of an arbitral tribunal? An employer must provide accident or sickness cover for their employee this is a requirement under the law that must be fulfilled, otherwise for self-employed people they must procure for themselves a private insurance policy to cover them. Is there any right to a hearing before a jury? Insurance & Reinsurance > Accordingly, the insurer, upon payment of the indemnity, would legally succeed to its insured. 4.5        Are there any restrictions on calling expert witnesses? 4.8        Is interest generally recoverable in respect of claims? Furthermore, article 257 of the Turkish Enforcement and Bankruptcy Code foresees a precautionary lien for the money receivables on the movable and immovable properties of the debtor. Insurance companies in Turkey, including both life insurance and non-life insurance on the basis of their gross written premiums are as follows: Turkey Life Insurance Companies If so, do they exercise such powers? Insurance is an important financial activity for every country and its economics. Pages in category "Insurance companies of Turkey" The following 2 pages are in this category, out of 2 total. The latter tends to be faster and better equipped. Other suggested vaccines include ones for hepatitis A and typhoid.