2 0 obj The distance between Nairobi and Mombasa is 500km. Velocity-time graphs examine a changing velocity over time.! endobj x��X�n�8}7��QEL�*J�a q��t�m�C��-G�*�k�k��w�����M�Hd���Μ�ߓ���q����\ߌȏn��8�BJn�����"�v�zGf�N��gC�nG�Ǘ�\����w�Ο���8"dK�ؒ�^�ʘ�Q� �N%5y��P�H��2i��)I�p3�%κ�ţ�4r��N}z��|���s�i���+h��P�����������C������鿫�L g�^w%*6��,I,;b�`*l�C�4�R2��AO��$8�L*�#B�s�M�q���(N�j��+ث���}��*����+{}6��)�S M����l�..�z��UQ .E�`���@h���YYBҴ"�����M.H2 6=� �� .�fZ�4S������iY%�aE�ՙ}'I �/_��nkYC$o�UJŨ� p����v�G�����e���j蘲l9�� ���D���p��s`5e8:Y�� r�\��S��7.lC���g���|%8��~5�������h:��S��;���Z..�W�����Wu� ���k�Q9a�T{ն�n�/w�/�޽9�b-C#.&f��3�K�;=H���N}HB���� yGC����p��"�(�����0WniOpl��\�8�ŵ�c�[b�����aO �N�%h/A�k�# endobj There are three possible patterns that can be obtained by a ticker-timer as illustrated below: Moving with increasing velocity (accelerating). Note that both A and B will strike the ground with the same velocity. The study of motion is divided into two areas namely kinematics and dynamics. The spacing between the dots depends on the manner in which the body is moving i.e moving at constant velocity or with increasing velocity or decreasing velocity. 33 0 obj <>>> The two friends took 10 minutes at the meeting point and they cycled to David’s. A paper tape was attached to a moving trolley and allowed to run through a ticker-timer. 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Note that all motion is relative i.e the state of a body; at rest or in motion, is ONLY true with respect to the observer’s position. 5 0 obj With what velocity does it strike the ground? It consists of an electronic vibrator which makes dots on a moving paper tape attached to the object whose velocity is being measured. 2 0 obj motion, also is encountered with the study of states of matter and how the rate of motion changes during phase changes. endobj Note that in a vacuum, a feather and a stone released from the same height will take the same amount of time to reach the surface of the earth. So displacement at full rounds will be zero, $ \text {Average speed}= \frac {\text {total distance}}{time} =\frac {500}{10}=50$ km/hr, a. endobj ... Click the button below to download the full Mathematics Form 2 Topical Revision Questions and Answers pdf document, with all the topics. How far Ojwang was from David’s house when they met. s������N�H]�-�6��,��f���+��i���������ە����ػ�����w ��M�Or�����'���������G������_��\����������oo����ˋXHJd�R9&|OH(v�#|���|��T��3����z�Mq}{y�Y۶xw}����r�5�A����7������7�[y��{��į���ߚ2�A��-7&Ƴ��b5OTb�A7�B�_�W/���Uߝh������}�1-�(g�>�!o6�/KU��Y�7��ޢɰ�p��XV�"exVjKӣ��M89Ϻ��yz't�I5`K�/>ҽ׻�F-�Z�����Do��T��������3}� u��Q�v�hˋ?M�wd��҈~j\m[y���+�4z�/28Z��L��7���ܱF�d�@��D���Yv�^��O����:o�~`V����[��q�O�����g�`�9�ϝK?��oo�RA��3����g)'���]���v��������FS�G>���p���V�`��x� ������T������r�����i�pW�11��?�A���j�Zuq���|_d�(]�wo��n�lz�ݲX�[찺O��謦ޑm��b�u@U&� :�U�X�X|�����Qr)���@������^��~��u��8�4Q�u�EU���u)r���l�u����\�����2��-Y�5���,����IV�E��!���d�,��l)���,�^K�7n,I�(� �M�Ì�����p̾^Сt�5�41f�t��ja��™%vP�M�E�$���ax���+�Y3���������=��3��o��ܗ��@!��n�Bo�o� ː��Q���guѣ�(�vϳ��"����y�Top�%�����Po5�jDw�;�&,?z|i��w���ّR��A�^��n݌�f�+[��0J�A�n� Also, the time taken to reach the ground in both cases is expressed as; A stone is thrown at a velocity of 30m/s to the horizontal by a girl at the top of a tree whose height is 30m. Moving with decreasing velocity (decelerating). %PDF-1.5 6. If the speed of the bus is 40 km/hr, determine the speed of the trailer in km/hr. The current in the river is flowing at 5km/hr. 7 0 obj A bullet is shot vertically upwards and rises to a maximum height of 200m. For the object falling freely, the acceleration is equivalent to ‘g’ and the initial velocity u is zero. %���� endstream Determine its: A body is made to change its velocity from 20m/s to 36 m/s in 0.1s. stream Download Physics Form 3 Notes PDF to Print or Offline Reading, Get Revision Books for Physics Form 3 Notes. Unless otherwise stated, when we talk about speed of things in the environment, we will mean relative to the Earth’s surface. the time taken for the stone to strike the ground. 26 0 obj 31 0 obj Make sure you enter all the required information, indicated by an asterisk (*).