You will of course also need your calipers to measure everything. If that’s the case first make a small one. Plans for the binding and purfling cutter router attachment are available in the store. Tool List for Roberto-Venn School of Luthiery. Bitterroot Guitars is a retail and wholesale supplier a mid to upper mid quality parts for builders. A small bandsaw (for cutting the numerous curved shapes of the guitar). To create the sanding disks and the workboards a set of  sanding pads with the radius built in to the sanding surface are very useful if not a necessity. This builds tension into the instrument and should be avoided. Timeless Instruments variety of tonewoods, lutherie tools and hardware.

Other radius are sometimes used on steel string guitars.

Certainly, the majority of guitar builders find power tools indispensable. The really high-quality clear stuff is called 192-gram Technical Gel. The Wood Well variety of tonewoods, veneers. Howard Core, wholesaler of stringed instruments and accessories, and also offer a full line of luthier supplies. We stock Australia’s largest range of Luthier Supplies ready for next day shipping. It is therefore difficult to get the bindings to fit without a lot of work after you cut. side bending) yourself and these tools will save you an immeasurable amount of time with these procedures. Make sure you protect yourself if you decide to create these things. Free shipping is available on most orders. It surprises me how reluctant people are to make these. Bow River Specialty Woods supplying all your to lutherie needs, figured hardwoods, quality softwood tonewoods, structural and decorative parts for stringed instruments of all varieties. It will take a bit of thought and work to come up with the radius yourself. If you are going to use this system make sure you use a set of cauls under the plate to protect the bridge from damage during clamping. These include western quilted, and northern curly and birdseye. Classical guitar builder Eugene Clark was trained in Mexico and claimed that a guitar can be built with nothing but a cuchillo (a specially shaped knife commonly used in Mexico for building guitars). Here’s the list: Lost your password? These are difficult to create accurately since the radius sizes used in guitar building are so big. View as Grid List. Our ethos is purpose with creativity and our unique tools are sturdily built and designed without compromise. L.R. by Tom Bills | Luthiers Guide Series, Tools | 0 . Rio Grande Pickups magnetic pickups, inlay materials. Antique Electronic Supply has the largest supply of new old stock and current production vacuum tubes in the world. They also supply various other luthier, and turning supplies. Its a very simple arrangement of clamps and an adjustable plate which reaches out over the wings. Windsor, California 95492 Box Wrench $6.50 5/16" box truss rod wrench, with phillips head screwdriver on end. Pianowood Kölbl GmbH, specializing in piano parts and soundboards. Most people that do rig up some elaborate jig for their router or something. And lastly, unless  you have perfect pitch I recommend a chromatic tuner. These will last a longer than a regular set of files will. MSC Industrial Supply Co. comprehensive, largely industrial tools and accessories.

Rolph Pickups new “vintage,” rewinds/repairs. Items 1-24 of 118. David Borson Maximum Yield Resawing, your fine woods cut precisely to maximize the yield of usable slices. Use of this device was demonstrated in both the book and the 10-DVD box set.
The clamps are applied through the sound hole. Daniel Smith comprehensive artist materials. These lists are meant to give you the bare necessities, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to tell you about our excellent guitar production tools. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. LuthierTool Company LLC, is the maker of quality tools for the guitar and instrument building industy. You cannot use a bit as large as you can in the machine because you use it hand held.

82 Sean Dr. Swannanoa, NC 28778 Phone: 828-398-8704. It sits in a carriage that slides up and down following the contours of the back and top of the guitar. Most orders are despatched the next working day. Bending tools and radius sanding tools are a few items you simply have to have. LMI does NOT have a storefront or offer over-the-counter sales. Jay Utzig (ext. Please note that we carry a number of finishing supplies, repair tools and other specialty tools that are not covered here. Inc. manufacturers of Micro-mesh,® a long-lasting cushioned abrasive. The Violin Man - Online Violin, Viola and Cello resource and community. Guitar Parts USA sells replacement parts for guitars that copy the Fender® Stratocaster® and Fender Telecaster® and Gibson® guitars. Portland Guitar provides custom bridges purfling and tonewoods.