more. The temple is in R.S. Malprabha river is located in Kanapuram, 16 km (9.9 m) of Jambati village in Karnataka, at Khanpur village in the Sahyadri mountain range at an elevation of 792.4 meters (2,600 feet). 127 of Kankumbi. Khanapur taluk has been receiving heavy rains for past few days throwing normal life out of gear. Everyone should take up a fair and honest means of livelihood. Diversion of water from Mahadayi river or its tributaries will reduce its downstream flow, and impact riverine life. To win over God Basava suggests be pure both inside and outside the body. No. Virupaksha Temple Car Festival in Pattadakal in March. One solution that re-surfacing now is a controversial one that has been offered in the past. Banashankari Temple Festival is held near Badami during January-February each year. The place is flooded with temples and religious sites each with a fascinating story to tell. The passage given above is called a Vachana’. Malaprabha flows a distance of 304 km (189 mi) from Kanakumbi-Khanapur-Soundatti (Malaprabha Dam)-Nargund-Pattadkal-Kudalasangam before joining river Krishna at an altitude of 488 metres (1,601 ft) at Kudala Sangama in Bagalkot district. Do not glorify oneself; Do not blame others. All people should have equal opportunities for religious life. The Malaprabha River (Kannada ಮಲಪ್ರಭಾ ನದಿ) is a tributary of the Krishna River and flows through the state of Karnataka in India. Pillars in the temple depict the birth & life of Krishna. This was an early attempt to develop the northern style of architecture, which was later abandoned in favour of the more balanced Dravidian or Pallava style. The Krishna and Malaprabha River rivers merge here and flow east towards Srisaila (another pilgrim center) Andhra Pradesh. In Karnataka villages like Nerse who have now formed the Nerse Parisara Samrakshana Samiti (Nerse Environment Protection Group) are resisting their submergence due to the construction of the dam on Bhandura Nala. And this alone is the way to please our Lord Kudalasangama. People called him Anna (Big brother) because he practiced what he preached. The reservoir created by the dam is called Renukasagara, its catchment area is 11,549 km3 (2,771 cu mi). What a man does he should do not of devotion in his heart. Basava is truly a great man. This place reached its pinnacle of glory under the Chalukyas from the seventh to the ninth centuries functioning as a royal commemorative site. Significantly, both Kalasa and Bhandur Nalas are very important and major streams that feed the Mahadayi River. As long as the current water exploitation pattern continues in the Malaprabha Basin, no matter how much water is brought and from where, we are likely to come back to the same situation in a few years from now. The report of the High Level Committee to Suggest Appropriate Water Management Strategies for Karnataka State Irrigation Projects, March 1999 has this to say about the Malaprabha River Basin in North Karnataka: With water guzzlers like paddy, sugarcane and horticultural crops taking over the traditional cropping patterns of the area; four sugar mills mushrooming in the last three decades; the four-month cultivation cycle being replaced by the eleven-month requirement of water intensive crops, this was perhaps bound to have occurred. Kanakumbi is situated at an altitude of 792 meters in Western Ghats and Kudala Sangama at 488 meters. So much so that one can actually walk on the land which was earlier submerged by the Malaprabha Dam. The Malaprabha River (Kannada ಮಲಪ್ರಭಾ ನದಿ) is a tributary of the Krishna River and flows through the state of Karnataka in India.