Latex or hybrid should be your choice if you’re not just looking for comfort but also support. Putting this on top of a thin sofa bed mattress shouldn’t be an issue at all. Do your own ‘goldilocks test’ and choose the best for you by considering these factors. Verdict: This ‘egg-crated’ memory foam mattress topper is great for sofa beds. It might not be the most convenient option, but it will ensure that your mattress topper enjoys a long and satisfying life. A ventilated memory foam mattress topper, like this one from SleepJoy, is meant to keep you cool as you sleep on it, and for the most part, it does. The removable cover is also machine washable, which is a huge plus. Plus, because it’s foam, it may sleep hot for some people, though it won’t trap heat as badly as the others. • Feather So many mattresses promise to deliver comfort, support and stress-relief. Instead of filling this one with goose feathers or down, a down alternative is used, or a fiberfill. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. A solid choice if you’re looking for the best mattress topper for sofa beds. Sleeping on an old or just simply uncomfortable mattress can ruin your sweet dreams. Breathable Down Alternative Featherbed. However, if you’re having hard time sleeping on the pullout bed or receiving passive-aggressive comments from your guests about the sleeping “situation”, a mattress topper may be the solution. Verdict: Sleepjoy memory foam is great because it’s eco-friendly, soft and odour neutral. : This is a gel-memory mattress topper for sofa beds that’s comfortable, provides plenty of support and it’s hypoallergenic too. This innovative mattress topper has dimensions of 78” X 74” X1.5”. It’s a luxury mattress topper for sofa beds - complete with square jacquard, an evenly distributed storm goose down filling and a pongee reverse made of standing polyester. Red Nomad – Queen Size 3 Inch Memory Foam Topper, 6. A single product that can hug a mediocre sofa bed and turn it into a heavenly sleep surface. This does not influence our opinions, but we believe in transparency so you can make informed choices. It can definitely prolong the life of your sofa bed’s mattress, and it might even fit inside your sofa bed when folded up. : This is memory foam mattress topper is designed specifically for sofa beds - it’s easy to fold, comfortable and certified to industry standards. The Balichun Mattress Pad cover boasts of a 300 thread count cotton top that’s hypoallergenic and comes with antimicrobial features. This topper provides support and comfort to your back, whilst protecting your mattress from mold and mildew. This memory foam mattress topper for sofa beds is made with thick 2-inch Visco elastic for a more restful sleep. While they offer quite a bit of softness, they don’t give much support. It’s an unfortunate reality, and it can be worse for some sleepers who tend to sleep hot. This is a high-density memory foam mattress topper for sofa beds, equipped with responsive active suspension and motion isolation to control movement (so anyone sleeping next to you won’t be disturbed). It provides balance by distributing your weight, reducing motion disturbance from your sleeping partner or vice versa. You’re seeing this ad based on the product’s relevance to your search query. : This ‘egg-crated’ memory foam mattress topper is great for sofa beds. Memory Foam This premium memory foam is made in accordance to the CertiPUR-US standards and it’s foam is USA made. Down feathers are fluffy and soft, and they don’t have quills like feathers which add some extra support. … Best Price Mattress 4-Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper, ​6. LUCID has addressed the issue with memory foam that’s most common: dense foam traps heat. The only question is which mattress topper to get. It may be worth it to add a cooling cover, for those who tend to sleep hot. This mattress topper measures 80” X 60” X3”. We may also review products we’ve received for free. In other cases, you could risk the material ripping or tearing. The best feature of this product is that it’s made with an evolved bio-foam that replaces traditional petroleum using castor natural plant oil, natural green tea extract and natural activated charcoal to absorb moisture, eliminate odor-causing bacteria and keep your mattress topper fresh. 1. Always pick purpose and function over price. Excluded from coupons. Best Sofa Bed Mattress Topper Reviews 1. Using this mattress topper on your sofa bed is a no-brainer. The right mattress topper for your sofa bed depends a lot on what you need. The Classic Brands memory topper for sofa beds is made with durable materials, ensuring the mattress maintains its original shape even after long usage. A flat topper is great for maximum thickness and support, whilst a textured egg crate topper is softer than the regular mattress topper and provides extra sensory relief. This makes them ideal for sofa beds. The LINENSPA mattress topper is made from plush memory foam that’s comfortable to use as it adapts to your body shape. Generally speaking, anyone who had a negative experience sleeping on a rusted out fold-out sofa in their grandmother’s basement has unfairly held a grudge against these remarkable pieces of furniture ever since. Depending on the comfort of your sofa bed, this topper could provide even more form-fitting comfort. Free Shipping on Orders Over $19. You’d still likely feel a bar beneath you if your couch bed’s mattress is thin. Natural latex can last up to 15 years if properly taken care of. Our bodies are different and we deal with different body issues so it’s natural that no one single mattress topper works on everyone. If you can feel the bars underneath you, a firmer, more supportive mattress topper could be a better choice. Verdict: This memory foam topper from Red Nomad boasts of being made in the USA and being certified to industry standards. Your mattress, whether it’s a traditional innerspring bed, memory foam, latex, or hybrid, sits on a flat surface. When you need to add softness, but not necessarily support, a pillowtop mattress topper usually does the trick. They’ve facilitated so many family visits and childhood slumber parties. In some cases, a mattress topper can easily fit into a pull out bed even when it’s all folded up. It’s designed to work on sofa beds - making them more comfortable providing plenty of support. Buckle up. Many foam mattress toppers have a bit of an off-gassing period of a couple days, but this one, in particular, has reports of it being extra smelly. : This mattress topper not only has a very nice feel and look but it’s also comforting and cooling. For the most part, it works, but it isn’t guaranteed to work for everyone. Advanced Sleep Solutions Mattress Topper, ​11. Even if you end up with a sofa bed that doesn’t quite cut it, there are solutions available to make them that much better. Just throw it on top and it should add an extra layer of softness. This dual-layered mattress topper cradles your body, helping you sleep better.