Continue Molson Canadian patriotic promotion theme, 2. Cookie Notice. We have received your request for getting a sample.Please choose the access option you need: With a 24-hour delay (you will have to wait for 24 hours) due to heavy workload and high demand - for free, Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list, Using our plagiarism checker for free you will receive the requested result within 3 hours directly to your email. In order to capture this profitable market, Molson has devoted large amounts of its advertising budget on this segment, in attempt to secure their market share, as well as entice consumers away from Labatt. Starting with crystal clear water, malted barley and the finest hops, Molson Canadian is slowly fermented to produce a smooth, refreshing beer with a genuine taste. Featured Most Recent Highest Grade Lowest Grade Most Helpful With Photo Test Verified. Molson Canadian can also try to retain young adult consumers further into their lives by establishing multiple marketing communication programs. No problem! Between 2000 and 2004 market share will increase by .2%. Only the users having paid subscription get the unlimited number of samples immediately. Not much in the bottle … 3. Shawna mocked me for hours after learning I had one. Molson Canadian is Molson Brewing Company's flagship brand. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. Nice logo on the bottle, of a maple leaf, Canada’s national flower. Molson Canadian’s target market is also price sensitive, and will switch between different brands if prices vary greatly between competitors. Required fields are marked *. Price differentiation has been minimized due to the price sensitive nature of consumers in this market. Meanwhile, Labatt has been able to capture its market share by selling sexual elements via their “Out of the Blue” campaigns. mars 10 2016, 3:22 pm. Your Answer Is Very Helpful For UsThank You A Lot! If Molson wishes to continue using a patriotic advertising theme, it must realize that an economic downturn may have an effect on the effectiveness of its’ advertising, as Canadians may feel resentment towards their national economic situation. Leave a comment. Thin head that fades fast. Explain why you're giving this rating. This has resulted in a stagnant industry that is not experiencing growth, unlike that of the wine and spirits industries that are steadily growing. Since securing market share is very important, advertisements and promotions will need to be of focus in the short-run, rather than in the long run. Other promotion strategies that Molson has introduced with varying success have been the Molson concert series, Molson House Party, and Molson Blind Date. Exhibit 2 shows Molson Canadian’s required media investment plus projections for investment throughout 2002-2004, and accompanied assumptions. Increase breadth of brand awareness to increase frequency of beer consumption in Canada, 3. Appearance: Light gold. You might remember the famous ‘I am Canadian!’ campaign from a while back. You might not be able to tell from the photo but I had the beer in a giant 1 litre sized glass that had been chilled. We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. Focusing of increasing the breadth of brand awareness will enable consumers to recall the Molson Canadian brand with ease, and can achieved through an increase in extensive advertising campaigns. Exactly what you expect in a lager. On pour get a very frothy white head and a golden coloured beer. Secure life long brand loyalty of target market, Qualitative Analysis (refer to exhibit 1 for SWOT analysis).   The industry is also highly cyclical, with the summer months being most profitable for the beer industry. Pursuing a profitable survivor strategy entails maintenance or increased levels of advertising and sales promotion budgets in order to gain and secure market share. Founder of Toronto Booze Hound. Today is the Super Bowl and Molson Canadian is probably going to be drunk by the gallon. Alternative #2: Increase breadth of brand awareness to increase frequency of beer consumption in Canada. Though it’s been a very long time since I’ve had one. Second, “The Rant” that Molson was previously able to capitalize on in the past may not be an effective theme for advertising if Canada experiences changes in the economy, more specifically, if Canada experiences an economic downturn. This can be achieved by marketing beer consumption as not just a weekend event, but also an activity for any day of the week. This being a Canadian booze blog, it kind of makes sense that review a beer that used Canadiana as it’s main advertising differentiator for a very long time. The aim is to appeal to the philological wants and needs of this segment, while creating a fantasy-like social reality of what this segment will be missing out on if they choose not to drink Molson Canadian beer! Finally, Molson Canadian extensively advertises via sponsorships and through demonstrating environmental compassion. I guess. It must be noted that Labatts’ previous attempt to secure the adult market segment by gearing promotions specifically towards adults hurt Labatt; therefore it is not wise to focus entirely on this segment. A Response to The Saints and the Roughnecks, A Helpful Assignment Writing Service for You. 1. After the Olympics, Molson’s advertising campaign should focus on increasing the frequency of beer consumption of Canadians, thereby increasing market share, and well as focusing on retaining current customers and securing a life long commitment of brand loyalty toward Molson Canadian. It is assumed (Exhibit 2) that Labatt will continue to have a budget that exceeds Molson’s as it has done in the past. Promotion has been the most successful way for Molson to increase market share, as seen by the success of “The Rant”, which helped increase Canadian’s market share by two points, thereby increasing profits by $30 million. Molson Canadian further segments this demographic by targeting males, due to higher their per capita consumption of beer over their female counterparts. We have received your request for getting a sample. In 2001, it is projected most likely that the market share will increase by 1 point primarily due the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. This isn’t too shocking a thing to say. Alternative #3: Secure life long brand loyalty of target market. Last update: 11-22-2020. Extremely clear. Want to add some juice to your work? These three companies represent 90% of the market share, with imports making up the remaining 10%. By continuing we’ll assume you’re on board with our cookie policy, Get a custom sample essay written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed. This alternative is a long-term focus strategy for securing current customers. Which variety would you like to review? We are really sorry but we cannot send the sample immediately. Copying is only available for logged-in users, If you need this sample for free, we can send it to you via email. The most likely scenario will experience an increase to 45.1% in 2001, 46.2% in 2002, 46.7% in 2004 and 47% in 2004 respectively.  |  The beer sits at 5% ABV. Overall: Nothing really wrong with it. Molson Canadian. Most of Molson Canadian’s promotion strategies have focused on either reminding consumers of Molson Canadian, or establishing a connection and instilling feelings between the brand and certain qualities and themes. Market share is also extremely important since one point represents approximately $15 million in profit. Nevertheless, the beer industry is a stagnant market, where consumers are drinking less on average, even though more people are drinking.