The cougar is in a small cage to where she just paces back and forth. Every critter just LOOKED sad and unhappy and none of them had adequate. Remember, as much fun as you will have, your visit contributes to their better life.

There is no email or computer access at the zoo.

The AZA is America's most respected organization for zoos and aquariums. 617 Bewertungen. This location is one of the organizations that supports the global efforts of Antle and his associates. Service is our priority and we want to make sure everyone has an enjoyable time. We understand the emotions of your visitors and that is why allow them to feed, play and even click pictures with a wolf cub, baby tigers, apes, and lions.

They shouldn’t have not one animal they have there; they are known for many, many violations.

Reservations can be made by calling (843) 650-8500 during normal business hours.

Trail one includes an "antique museum" with some old poor-condition vehicles and some farm implements. 617 Bewertungen. The animals are beyond neglected and it absolutely broke my heart to see them. The smaller animals (goats, sheep, etc) didn’t bother me so much at first but once I witnessed the hellish conditions of the showstoppers (THE LIONS, TIGER AND BEARS) I immediately. As you are led by your guide from one enclosure to the next, you will realize how satisfied animals are at the Zoo. Children love animals and the Waccatee Zoo of Myrtle Beach is a very special and unique place for animal lovers of all ages. It is a wildlife preservation center established by me, Doc Bhagavan Antle that gives a scope to the visitors communicating with the rare animals. As ligers are found in handful numbers, visiting this zoo will allow seeing this spectacular beast. Do be cautious of your footwear because the footing throughout the trails is quite uneven including tree roots to trip over. Every year during the summer, it draws in thousands of visitors from various corners of the world map. I and my subordinates have rescued endangered animals from all the corners of the world and gifted them a safe and secure life. Through many thicks and thins, the safari has remained popular for lovers of wildlife. 49 von 75 Aktivitäten in Myrtle Beach. If you want to play a vital role in helping them survive, a trip to the Zoo is a great way to start. They’re not taking care of their sick tiger who needs to be handed over to PETA so they can find somewhere for Lila. They can witness several wildlife species by paying a visit to the sanctuaries located in the nearby places, But, they cannot get close to the animals as they are confined in cages for the sake of entertaining the visitors. Nr.

We have a concession stand where everything is made fresh and to the customer's satisfaction. Are you genuinely interested in wildlife conservation? Any question not addressed by this website may be asked by calling the zoo. The Driving Force Behind Myrtle Beach Safari Zoo. This place is so disgusting I reached out to people I never wanted to have to speak to about a zoo. Holding a Guinness World Record and a three-time winner, Hercules is one such iconic hybrid that this centre preserve.

I read reviews before going and decided to draw my own conclusions and I’m saddened that I went. The "Beast" Kept Secret in Myrtle BeachA Great Place to Bring Your Family. The majestic sight of the 9000-pound elephant along with the rare sight of the beast “Hercules”, the liger, will make your visit worth remembering.
Many animals have made it their home happily, and so will their future generations.

Hence, contributing to the Safari during your trip is the noblest thing you can do. 49 von 75 Aktivitäten in Myrtle Beach. I feel if we really want, together can bring huge improvements in the lives of endangered species.

regretted my decision to go . The goats were literally fighting over food they were so hungry. It is the one of five institutions accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in South Carolina. Visitors will also inevitably realize how the love-able animals at the Zoo would still be unsafe even in their natural habitats. Real animal lovers always dream to spend delightful moments with the majestic wild creatures, but not all of them get the scope to do.
Special rates are available for groups of 15 or more. Swimming with Bubbles the Elephant | Myrtle Beach Safari, Chimpanzees Watch and Play "War for the Planet of the Apes" | Myrtle Beach Safari, Vali the Chimpanzee's 6th Birthday - Myrtle Beach Safari - Part 1.

The evening's entertainment begins with a lei greeting and buffet dinner, then continues with a fire and dance performance. I feel horrible for even giving them money but we had to buy 2 big bags of food and still ran out quick because of how hungry they were. Unlike many zoos, there are no paved areas here.