One problem with technical writing is that too many novice technical writers think that because technical subject matter is complicated, that writing about it should also be complicated. Criteria of writing such as normal professio view the full answer While Germany is extending aid of USD 800 billion for the country. MSMEs hold undeniable importance in India. More than just a pandemic calendar, the year has knocked our socks off with repercussions that are beyond control. If the developed economies in the west couldn’t absorb the wrath then imagine the impact faced by countries like India where the unorganized sector accounts for more than 90% of GDP. Technical writing is performed by a technical writer (or technical author) and is the process of writing and sharing technical information in a professional setting. league baseball, and cycling. Another key concern MSMEs are currently facing involves a lack of working capital. And if left unattended, this could branch out to more complexities in the months to arrive. Mr. Dutta provides direct oversight over the MSP Client Operations team responsible for managing MSP relationships with existing MSP clients and day to day operations of these accounts. After successfully extending the moratorium facility to millions of people, such an initiative to provide relief package will pull the economy out of the misery. My Views on Technology and Non Technical Issues, India’s 40 Under 40 Most Influential Indians Award. Canada, for example, pledged to raise USD 27 billion in direct support to businesses and their employees. The government, therefore, has to address this to. Meet Abheek Dutta, a software professional – currently serving as the Senior Vice President of the renowned Henson Group – who with his innovative ideas, strategic solutions and cutting-edge technology, is helping corporates, industries, and startups to tide over many hurdles and challenges that this COVID era is offering. When the entire world ushered into lockdown in the last week of March, employees across the industrial facet were shocked to receive emails pertaining to the unfixed amount of salary payouts for the next few months. If No, how ready are we to fight the impact? 3. This includes defining project scope, developing proposals, creating statement of work, negotiating contracts, and partnering with resource managers to staff project teams. variety of print and online publications, including wiseGEEK, and his work has also appeared in poetry collections, trivia, research, and writing by becoming a full-time freelance writer. While both technical and non-technical writing has a goal of informing readers, the type of information provided is different. Thank you for your blessings and assistance! I must confess! Your approach to technical writing should be the same approach you take to non-technical writing. These include benefits up to 50% of the last drawn salary in recent 3 months. As per reports, the government is looking forward to raising a major percentage of the money from the markets. Look it up now! Non-technical writing is seen in magazine and newspaper articles, as well as fiction that may be created in order to promote products. It’s actually quite simple: technical writing has technical content. These professionals who are known to have adorned skills more than the usual full-time resources are economically more viable for enterprises. Therefore, variable salaries will now become a mainstream practice wherein employees will have no choice of performing beyond expectations. See you around! Are we really in a better position? The Executive Writer © 2016 • All Rights Reserved • Designed by GO Marketing, Mark Twain Didn’t Give a Damn When Writing. Final Word – How long will the job losses continue? While there is a great deal of room for creativity in non-technical writing, the ads and promotions that are developed must ultimately be in harmony with what consumers encounter when they seek to learn more technical information about those products. While the specifics regarding how to use the good or service are kept to a minimum, the general purpose for that product is presented. And the number of workers losing their jobs is the scariest part – 10 crore. Let’s face it. There are no second thoughts that comparing our situation with those of developed nations in the west is the sheer covering of facts. devotional anthologies, and several newspapers. The million-dollar question is brimming to highlight those responsible – Did India act late in providing economic relief to the small scale industries? In a recent poll conducted for my LinkedIn community, only 25% of respondents believed that we’ll bounce to normal very soon. Mr. Dutta manages and monitors the performance of consultants and partners on engagements, communicating with the account executive, project teams, and customers. – In my Latest Interview / Artice on Forbes. However, the greater challenge will be to recover the losses within limited means and that’s what the workforce all over the world must get adaptive to. It’s actually quite simple: technical writing has technical content. I am even thinking of hiring a second person to subcontract some of my work. As the world economy takes a hit, the employment facet has changed with millions of people losing their jobs. It is obvious that those fixed cost roles and profiles that aren’t adding value to the business will be called off. Not to miss, the 3-month loan moratorium approved by the RBI, shall be extended for businesses with term loans.