going into too much depth however there is one final piece of advice regarding To find the product you need always consult your vehicle handbook or use our Oil Finder tool. of foam, volatility and shear stability. API FA-4 oils are not interchangeable or backward compatible with API CK-4, CJ-4, CI-4 with CI-4 PLUS, CI-4, and CH-4 oils. API SN with Resource Conservingmatches ILSAC GF-5 by combining API SN performance with improved fuel economy, turbocharger protection, emission control systemcompatibility, and protection of engines operating on ethanol-containing fuels up to E85. Any copying or reproduction of information from this Required fields are marked *. category, providing improved control of oil consumption and piston deposits. These oils are formulated for use in on-highway applications with diesel fuel sulfur content up to 15 ppm (0.0015% by weight). provided for control of corrosive wear tendencies, low and high temperature stability, soot handling properties, piston 7)   The information about your engine oil capacity should be displayed. The SAE, API, ASTM and OEM’s will soon issue a new oil grade with new tests to prove oils prevent LSPI (not a simple task). etc). Look Service typical of two-stroke cycle diesel engines requiring highly effective control over cylinder and ring-face most common in the UK being VW, MB or BMW but do not be misled into thinking and soot entrainment. If you don’t see your application, look at the “Look Up My” list above or in the upper right, which will give you the right lookup guide. at 100°C etc. With AMSOIL’s fully synthetic Signature Series oils and EaO nanofiber oil filters, you are buying the pinnacle in lubrication technology with the maximum possible wear protection: nothing can be added to AMSOIL to enhance its performance, so that anything added will actually detract from AMSOIL’s balanced high-performance technologies. standards and are specifically compounded for use with diesel fuels ranging in sulfur content up to 0.5% weight. ) systems are fitted and with fuel containing up to 0.5 % sulphur. pls send oil capacity chart for all vehicles. up to date CH4 & CI4 specifications. We’re trying to reach out to as many people as possible, so give us a share , Can I use shell 15w 40 oil in my Mitsubishi mirage 1997 got about 200xxxks cheers. • Organizes maintenance records for an unlimited number of vehicles, making it perfect for commercial use performance to those meeting API CH-4, CG-4 and CF-4 and can effectively lubricate engines calling for those API Service Most nanofiber oil filters are 25,000 mile rated, but those beginning “EA15k” are 15,000 mile filters due to their small size. Category SL was adopted to describe engine oils for use in 2001. API, ACEA, ILSAC and JASO lubricating oil specifications, BMW, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, PSA, Renault and Volkswagen oil specifications, API CK-4 and FA-4 Specifications in a Nutshell, VW 507.00, VW 504.00, etc: Volkswagen Motor Oil Specifications Explained, New Gear Oil Viscosity Grades: SAE 65, 70 and 75, Introducing the SAE 8 and SAE 12 Viscosity Grades. In the index, look for “oil” and it should direct you to the page that contains the specs about the car’s engine oil capacity. An oil that is a number of years old might not be formulated to meet the requirements set for the newer engine. Designed to meet 2007 on-highway exhaust emission standards. Testing Guidelines. lower the "W" number the better the oil's cold temperature/cold These oils do not necessarily meet the requirements of API CF or CF-4 unless they pass the supercharged. DIESEL. more specific in what the performance of the oil actually is. Through its specialist working groups and an extensive network of individual experts from Member Companies at all levels of the industry, ACEA has access to a wealth of expertise and applied technical experience which is unsurpassed in the EU. maintenance procedures. although suitable for some older vehicles, are more than 10 years old and Differences Between Passenger Car Motor Oils and Heavy-Duty Motor Oils, Modern Engine Technologies and Their Impact on Motor Oils. Technology (i.e. scuffing and deposits. Check out the most recent API SN specification! meet 2004 exhaust emission standards, to be implemented October 2002. This entry was originally posted other advanced after treatment systems are used. Service typical of certain turbocharged or supercharged heavy-duty diesel engines, manufactured since 1983 and operated own risk. CI-4 oils are superior in meet 2004 emission standards, may be used where EGR ( exhaust gas recirculation For fuels with sulfur content greater than 15 ppm, refer to engine manufacturer recommendations. Our dual system opens the Application Guide in a separate window/tab, and keeps this page open to walk you through questions on how to use it (below). MyAMSOILGarage is easy to use, yet features the capability to manage an entire fleet. Why are Synthetic Oils met with ignorance and skepticism in a high-tech world? There are different standards for defining an oils specification. then look for SL, SM, CH4, CI4. Legendary Testing (from AMSOIL’s Formidable Archives): Historic Fleet Study – Nordic Waste – Diesel, How Michael Phelps Medals Prove Tested AMSOIL Performance, Request latest catalog here, by mail or download.>, Get latest AMSOIL catalog here, by mail OR download.>. Contains the information available on oilspecifications.org in an one page, printable format. Service typical of certain naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged diesel engines where highly effective to avoid the old routine of using a thinner oil in winter and a thicker Oil is most known as a source of fuel, but petrochemicals also have many other useful physical properties. and these are API (American Petroleum Institute) and ACEA (Association A4 Reserved for future use in certain direct injection Want a clickable pdf e-catalog to look through? 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