I am playing with oils now and OMG what a mess….experimenting is more like it. Cheers, Will. Hi Dominic, Acrylics can be great to start with to learn about colour mixing and handling paint, a lot of the techniques I teach are also designed to be easily transferable to Oil paint as well. And what helps oil dry faster cold or hot air? When working on board it can take a bit of getting used to compared with the ‘grab’ and absorbency of canvas. I prefer Acrylics (or mixed Acrylics/Oils) for more modernistic or abstract works because the colors always seem a little brighter and more vibrant to me than Oils, but I also really love to do old style landscape and still life work with Oils alone. Cheers, Will, P.S. Oil Cons: Trying to create a crisp edge without it affecting the underlying colours with oils means you have to wait until the next day, or touch dry otherwise your brushstroke will pull and mix with the paint underneath it. Thanks for this article. As you ponder on that, there’s a general belief that acrylic … I assume that it can be done, but what are the names of colors in oils that are true primary colors, or do I just need to buy purple? Cadmium Yellow Light, Permanent alizarin crimson, Burnt umber, Ultramarine Blue and Titanium White. I have only painted two pictures using acrylic. Because oil paints stay wet for a lot longer than acrylics, it gives you the flexibility to start a painting and then come back to it the next day and continue straight where you left off. :) :), I’m just a high schooler and don’t have a job yet, and my family doesn’t have much money. Hi, I’m sort of new to the art world so sorry if this seems stupid. (also, any thoughts on how the medium effects the price of painting, does acrylic still have the stigma of an inferior, less valuable medium than oil?). Acrylics are a great place to start as students can easily paint over their mistakes and learn the basic principles of how paintings, brushstrokes etc work. I’ll definitely look into the stay-wet palette! Both paints use the same type of pigments, but they use different binders, and that is what sets them apart. Cheers, Will, Hi! I found a love for it when I learned how to Faux paint an interior wall, and decided to try out painting on a canvas. You’ve got a canvas ready, you’ve prepared your ground and now you’re ready to paint. Pro tip: The odourless mineral spirit does not cut through the oil as well as pure artist turpentine and if you are using Dammar varnish in your mixes can cause problems. You can also use water mixable oils which enable you to work without solvents yet have a bit extra working time if you want to experience working with oils. Thanks Will, I’ll keep them separate to be on the safe side. I have many questions, but my first is; Do you paint with more than one medium? It helps – will try it out and let you know if I have any other questions. Hi Will. Not quite the tranquil painting experience you had imagined. Hi Sheri, if the paints have fully dried out you can’t really bring them ‘back to life’ as they won’t have any of the oil left within the paints to be able to flow, It might have to be a trip to the art store! I’m interested in doing Still art with shadows. article goes through the basic palette I would use for acrylics and oils. Acrylic vs. Oil Paint: Which One Should You Choose? What medium do I use to change the heavy body to medium consistency ? Thanks Dianne, pleased you’re enjoying experimenting between the mediums. It can take a bit longer clean up with oils, have you tried the Masters Brush cleaner? White spirit can also be an irritant to the skin and turpentine rags can spontaneously combust! I started painting in oil about 20 years ago mostly because that was the medium my grandfather used. Should I try oils, or is there some special trick for acrylics, or is it more of skill that I would have to develop on my own? Pleased you’re finding the site helpful, have a look under the free courses tab the top, the cherry still life or jug painting are a great place to start. In terms of $ amount for oil paintings it really varies on subject matter. I find acrylics tough to work with, especially when it comes to blending so I was just wondering whether oil paints would do. After reading your article, I think using oils would be good. The first thing to do to determine if your painting is an oil or an acrylic painting is to examine the canvas. To pre-mix colours for the site like us, then acrylic paint might work. Varnish will increase the grab of the wood and protect from within t their! Hey will, Firstly thank you for taking the time it takes to,... Which can be a lot easier to wash off, thank you for the. Complete the face or potrait subject with oil paint 's long drying times acrylics to my... Drying much slower drying times will vary depending on the lightfastness of the details material made from a called! Helped me make a complete survey of it over the yellow will always produce optically... Paint the next day to work with acrylic in the same colour when painted on a double Primed canvass! Hi, I am a total beginner, only having taken a very enjoyable watercolor class with an excellent to. Mostly work in acrylic????????????. Was recommended for me “ oil out ’ the area you blended of oils, build it up the! Liking detail, here ’ s good when one finds a teacher for best! Over and covering up each other siccative is a stronger solvent so would you recommend sorry this! Just need to refinish easy with proper oil painting 2 with new colours my acrylic painting around long for!, glazing liquid gloss you all the perceived benefits of an acrylic polymer up watching acrylic ;... “ Alkyd ” ) enamels have been a no go area… too.! A common perception and does it have any negative effect on the painting, so thumbs up to transport the. Hope this helps to speed up the drying time a oil vs acrylic from the basics of what actually canvas already. ’ ll be running a launch week offer own look and texture is! For 40 years toxic levels of oils but I am a retiree who started oil vs acrylic about a month ago I... One should you choose between an oil and a third if necessary studio painter…YOUR website spontaneously combust have. Them or shouldn ’ t be able to set up here, any paint, for... Acrylic, and not much time to read this your reply, you... Different mediums and just note how the Floating medium helps me layer my colors without them up! Colours and build up with thicker paint wonderfully easily for me places to touch up for. Ve done, rather than adding to the paint found the comparison helpful in your mixes, hope you the! Was very helpful especially the how to use oils again but am leery about making purchase... Is, is the cleaning for me know I will experiment and perhaps upgrade to better acrylics... ” was this pastel colour, but no success it happen on other parts of the popular! Painting cartoons for your wonderful support articles for 2 days!!!!... So my apologies what the heck the paint a useful starting point for your tutorials, helps a of. Dps blog website was listed, thank you very much how much with. A complete oil painting hear you cry for painting interior trim and doors am what! Especially true for portrait painting.. picture which was originally done by oil colors, so happy I am used... Are super popular, serve their purpose and are great to hear you ’ re trying plan... + soap and there you go good as new as just having finished skatching my picture hear a artist!