One Piece thousand Storm JP 'Error' D:6? This means, if you are up against Monet, you should primarily take Water characters like Jinbei, Koala or Arlong. has a tier list on it for Japan, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the thousandstorm community. The game didn't have a huge population when it came out. Follow your Boy!! I recommend doing this until you reach Vega Punk Prologue which will unlock your ability to join alliances (basically a guild). Instead you roll for Scene Cards which I will now refer to simply as CARDS. Currently got only 70k fame points but getting there. So you always want to prioritize using all your stamina to host mission lobbies, then once you're out of stamina click "Recruiting Lists" at the bottom which show you all the available lobbies others are hosting. Some think it's better to expand now and treat it as a gem bank until the update comes around. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I don't know what's happened but every time I try to play OPTS on my main account, a download pops up and I download it, but once it's done a … Discussions, Guides, Beginner and Advanced tips and tricks, Group matchmaking, Challenge Quest help and many other resources to improve and enhance your game play experience. One Piece Thousand Storm Is Now Available on Google Play and IOS! Log In Sign Up. But the low level evo mats tend not to be the ones you need to do that so I usually keep just like 5 on hand just incase? One Piece Thousand Storm for PC can be installed on a computer running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and MacOS/OS X. i actually rerolled on account until i finally got one of the banner SAs but now reading that good units like Ace and Mihawk could come real soon kinda make me wanna restart again and save up for those. This is what the special islands list looks like, here you will find the daily evo mat islands and the current event missions. 1* stat cards are a waste of space and don't equate to enough exp to worth the cost of using as enhances. To start off here's a quick disclaimer: YOU DON'T HAVE TO REROLL. The following is a personal rule of thumb that I go by. Hallo can somebody explain to me how u guys Rank guys like ace whitebeard etc. 2* stat cards are helpful in the super early game until you can replace them with 3* cards so keep a few to help buffer your stats until you no longer need them. Per Una Guida Approfondita Sul Gioco Cliccate QUI! they only give away 5 gems now, Theres different plazas and like 10 ppl in each idky its like that since it wont fill.whenever u make a room its whoever is in that plaza is able to join. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Rerolling assuming you want to Max-Min to its fullest - If you can't handle the boredom and repetition of the task don't reroll. Once you reach the 3rd island and complete it via solo it's a good time to try your hand at the special event missions. 2.2 - How to efficiently spend your stamina early game, 2.4 - How to efficiently spend your EXP enchances, 2.7 - ADDITIONAL TIPS [frequently updated], If you have any questions - WEEKLY QUESTION MEGATHREAD - PINNED ON SUBREDDIT. So you just finished downloading OPTS and you're completely blind on what to do... NO WORRIES! Information, guides, tips, news, fan art, questions and everything else Treasure Cruise related. Everything One Piece Treasure Cruise! 1.1 - Which character should I start with? Fluff. Doesn't matter. Android:>Download QooApp on your phone and install (search using Google Chrome etc. Discussions, Guides, Beginner and Advanced tips and tricks, Group matchmaking, Etc. If you've played a gacha style app game in the past you should be familiar with the concept of Rerolling. In any case with a game like this i'm just here to play my favorites so a tier list is kind of irrelevant. One Piece Thousand Storm Community! I personally aimed for 4x 5* Stat Cards to be used as my main account but there are others who would happily settle with 2 or 3, or a mix of SA cards/SK cards. one piece app android - one piece giochi cellulare - one piece giochi IOS - one piece giochi android - one piece giochi per cellulare - one piece per android, Per Una Guida Approfondita Sul Gioco Cliccate, Edited by Mugiwara Nø Rufy - 27/1/2017, 17:14, Edited by Mugiwara Nø Rufy - 15/5/2016, 12:20, Edited by Mugiwara Nø Rufy - 15/1/2017, 12:51, One Piece: Thousand Storm - Cellulare (comments). I've seen like 1 player so far that's evo'd their 5* stat cards and holy crap I was jelly XD Maybe it's just a rare drop from Very Hard on the respective evo mat missions? 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