Pour desired amount into bowl and serve. So many customers agree on the orange chicken that Panda Express sells over 100 million pounds of this entree a year. Thanks! Even though consuming fried chicken on a daily basis could end up being a deadly habit, there's just something so delicious about deep fried pieces of poultry that it's hard to ignore fried chicken's appeal. Their orange chicken is always delicious and it’s definitely a family favorite of ours. The secret to Panda Express' orange chicken is the citrus-y tang of the orange sauce, which comes from using the oil from orange peels. However, I cannot find anyon who has tried it. It's not only tastier, but not that much unhealthier than regular old white meat chicken. ****REPOST!! So if you have a Costco near you, next time you are there, pick up a bottle. Sauce, Orange; No high fructose corn syrup Chinese chicken., Family owned chinese kitchen. The sauce is made in each store daily, so you are getting all the fresh yumminess that you rarely find in fast casual restaurants. The secret to Panda Express' orange chicken is the citrus-y tang of the orange sauce, which comes from using the oil from orange peels. Americans love white meat. Use to create your own Orange Chicken dish at home; or try it as a dipping sauce for chicken strips, … The fried chicken pieces in Panda Express' orange chicken stays nicely crunchy with those yummy craggy bits associated with fried chicken, despite being covered in the signature orange sauce. It was vastly different from the orange chicken we know today because the chicken wasn't breaded or fried, and orange citrus oil has a stronger fragrance and taste than orange peel. Koji mold breaks down soy beans and wheat which then converts into glutamic acid, which is... you guessed it! One distinct characteristic of orange chicken is that it is sweet, and that comes from the addition of brown sugar (and honey), which gives the sauce it's sticky, caramelized glaze. Probably marinate the shrimp in it or a little while when I prepare the vegetables, then put those aside get the shrimp going with the orange sauce and then toss it all together. When combined with the rest of the orange chicken ingredients, this dark meat is simply magic. It can be used on everything from marinating your steaks to whipping up some double chocolate brownies. ;-) Thanks. With the crockpot, you won't get the crispy yumminess that you would with frying however. Heat 1/2 cup Panda Express Mandarin Sauce over low heat. Was wondering how this might be with shrimp? And that spice comes not only from the addition of ginger, but also due to a pinch of red pepper flakes. Going to try it tonight at home. I have a bottle and was thinking of stirfrying shrimp and some vegetables (mushrooms, broccoli). Orange peels contain a substantial amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Dark meat also contains zinc and vitamins B12 and B6. In a bowl whisk together your eggs. Share this Recipe. It's the epitome of fast casual comfort food, reasonably priced, readily available, sweet, spicy, crunchy and addictive. Wang also says it's the sauce's combination of savory and sweet that makes it so popular with customers, and that beloved tang and fresh orange taste comes from orange peel oil. The answer was glutamic acid, which breaks down to become L-glutamate, and that's when delicious umami happens. Could be interesting (I am new to the cooking thing). It's not entirely sweet or salty or bitter or sour, it's all of the above. A version of orange chicken from the 1800s had a vaguely citrus component to it, from boiling lemon and orange peels along with soy sauce and garlic. Ask any home chef, and they'll tell you that when chicken breast is overcooked by even a minute, it can become stringy and flavorless, and sometimes even rubbery.