Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. about ), surprised at (surprised at her behaviour), suspicious of/about (suspicious of his intentions), terrified at (terrified at the possibility of meeting him), tired of (tired of hearing the same remark), tolerant of (tolerant of their son’s beliefs), typical of (typical of him to behave like that), upset about/by/over (upset about the disagreement). This is an online English exercise about adjective preposition combinations such as "afraid of". You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
. adjective + about. ; Recent social policy statements have sought to re-define ageing in a positive way. Prepositions and Adjectives Combination in English. accustomed to (accustomed to a life of luxury), aggrieved at (aggrieved at not being selected), alarmed at/by (alarmed at/by his worsening condition), annoyed about/by (annoyed by his carelessness), annoyed with (annoyed with him for not calling), appreciative of (appreciative of their support), astonished by (astonished by his successive wins), certain about (certain about what he said), certain of (certain of how much he put in), conscious of (conscious of the need to …), delighted with (delighted with the present), dependent on (dependent on their parents for food), different from (different from each other), disappointed with/in (with your work/in you), disappointed about (disappointed about not being told), disappointed at (disappointed at not being invited), disappointed to (disappointed to see him there), excited about (excited about going on a boat trip), excited at (excited at the new discoveries), excited by (excited by the possibility of promotion), friendly to/towards (friendly to visitors), furious about/at/with (furious with him for not …. He has always been critical ......................... me.. 4. Speakspeak | Prepositions after adjectives (1), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), “Shout at” and “shout to”: prepositions can change meaning, Intermediate grammar exercise: prepositions of time – during, over, for, by, until, Comparative and superlative of adjectives, Upper-intermediate grammar exercise: prepositions ex. By adding –s to nouns ending in -o. There is no definite rule to ascertain which preposition should be used with which adjective. angry about something angry with somebody: I … She's not happy about her new boss. Besides the exams require to master this part of grammar. for 2. Prepositions after adjectives - additional. of Here are some examples of adjectives and the correct prepositions which follow them: Your email address will not be published. 40+ Useful English Collocations with TAKE with Example Sentences, Prefixes and Suffixes – Definition and Examples …, 250+ Frequently Used Collocations List in English, Top 70+ Most Popular Contractions in English …, Commonly Confused Words: 7 English Word Pairs …, English Idioms: Learn English Idioms with Topics, Visual Dictionary: Vocabulary with Pictures, Verb Collocations: List of Useful Verb Collocations in English, 30+ Useful Collocations with GO with Examples in English, Common English Collocations with the Word SAVE, 50+ Common Verb Collocations You Should Learn in English, 40+ Most Common Collocations with DO in English, Common Collocations: List of 100+ Useful Collocations in English, Verb Collocations: List of 90+ Verb Collocations in English. I am interested ...................... learning to fly.. 2. really is a generous hidden service. Your email address will not be published. John's criticism ......................... the plan made him unpopular.. 3. Our tip is to try and remember a 3 combinations every day (or every week if you’re very busy!). For example: Spain is famous for its Mediterranean cuisine.. My dad is very proud of me.. afraid. Test yourself with our free English language quiz about 'Prepositions after Adjectives'. with accustomed. An adjective followed by de or à can be followed by a noun, a pronoun or an infinitive. This is a free intermediate English grammar quiz and esl worksheet. Make sentences with each combination, practice writing them down and saying them out loud. with to. PREPOSITION. of. FCE USE OF ENGLISH PART 1 PREPARATION. The preposition always comes directly after the adjective and is typically followed by a noun or gerund to form a prepositional phrase. By adding –es to nouns ending in -o. 55+ Useful Prepositions and Adjectives Combination with Examples, Prepositions and Adjectives Combination | Image, Business Collocations: List of Commonly Used Collocations in Business, Noun, Verb and Adjective Preposition Combinations in English.