New Documents It is no wonder then why farmers suddenly started to send grapefruit all over the state. documents in the last year, 297 When he dies in April 1986 at age 81 he leaves his wife Anna Mote, son Michael of Harlingen, and two daughters. Prospective land buyers were given land costs, projected returns, and operating costs as follows: 60% cash or its equivalent, @ $240 per acre $4,800.00, Balance in 5 equal payments at 6% 3,200.00, Approximate Returns on 20 Acre Grapefruit Orchard in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. AMS is committed to complying with the E-Government Act to promote the use of the internet and other information technologies to provide increased opportunities for citizen access to Government information and services, and for other purposes. BROWNSVILLE, Texas — There is a place in northern Tamaulipas called Rancho El Cielo. Register documents. Van will go on to Edinburg Junior College where he meets his future wife Kitty. He later went back to Oklahoma and he gathered up many investors and bought a tract of land. On this land, farmers produced oranges, tangerines, tangelos and lemons. A member of the First Christian Church for over 75 years, she was known for her flower and gardening prowess. Ogden (Delta Irrigated Farms Co.), James C. Bowie (Bowie & Trent), M.F. This rule removes five containers from the list of authorized containers and adds seven new containers to the list. ''Our trees flower in February and March,'' explained Paul Heller, vice president for field operations at Rio Queen Citrus Inc., as we walked through a grove. Both varieties are now sold under the label Rio Star. One of the most innovative growers is Dennis Holbrook, a rebel against what he terms ''the pharmaceutical conception of agriculture.'' See OMB's Memorandum titled “Interim Guidance Implementing Section 2 of the Executive Order of January 30, 2017, titled `Reducing Regulation and Controlling Regulatory Costs' ” (February 2, 2017). It is often said that the grapefruit, in particular, wasn’t a grapefruit. There is not an original thing about the grapefruits you see on the shelves today. chapter 35), the Order's information collection requirements have been previously approved by OMB and assigned OMB No. 11/24/2020, 868 When you finished, you had almost a sterile medium, with very little organic matter in the soil, and you had no choice but to keep the cycle going. Baker came to the Valley to be an ag inspector and in 1916 entered business in Los Fresnos. Oranges from this region are common, too. All Rights Reserved. The Committee's meeting was widely publicized throughout the Texas citrus industry and all interested persons were invited to attend the meeting and participate in Committee deliberations on all issues. The neighborhood witnessed the cutting down of the trees and said, ‘no, you can’t do that.’ They marched on city hall and saved about three trees. The Rio Grande Valley replanted with everything that had a red to it hence we got the Ruby Red, the Rio Star and those hybrid varieties that lead the world. This process included surveying handlers to determine which containers were being used. Back to the drawing board went Dr. Hensz, and in 1976 he came up with the Rio Red, the paragon among red grapefruits, at least so far. Citrus varieties at this time were for grapefruit: Marsh, Duncan, Connor’s Improved Prolific; for orange: Parson Brown, the Pineapple, Valencia, Lu Gim Gong, and Washington Naval; for lemon: Eureka, Lisbon, and being spread was the Myers which was cold tolerant. Cool to room temperature. Federal Register. In the 1940’s, 1950’s and the 1960’s there were great freezes that took out a lot of the citrus production that was in the area. The only real question was whether anyone would buy or send grapefruit. In an ad for the fair they proclaim theirs will be the “World’s Largest Citrus Display.”. USDA reports that grapefruit accounts for 18,500 acres, 67.8% of the total citrus acreage in the region. This final rule does not impose any additional reporting or recordkeeping requirements on either small or large Texas orange and grapefruit handlers. Within the next two years shipments would jump to over 10,000 carloads. It is 1927 that Van Snell’s father, who is in real estate in Hammond, LA, is attracted by Valley opportunities, buys land near Donna, and then moves there where he takes up citrus culture. It is a complete hybrid. About the Federal Register There were land speculators that thought that the grapefruit was going to be the salvation of the agricultural empire for the Rio Grande Valley. The second big factor is weather. This action falls within a category of regulatory actions that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) exempted from Executive Order 12866 review. Originally there was about 200,000 acres. Then the smaller grapefruits, plus the misshapen and badly bruised ones, are picked out by inspectors and sent to the juice plant. ''Mmmm,'' said I. Free shipping . Fresh and processed grapefruit sales contribute significantly to the overall economy … Not quite true because there was one stellar figure that was on the scene. ''I figured it was worth a try,'' he continued, ''because I was trapped in a vicious cycle anyway -- more irrigation, leaching more nutrients from the soil, which meant more fertilizer, which meant more weeds and more herbicides. It was not hard to figure out where the big fellows had come from. We ARE the grapefruit specialists, concentrating on growing and shipping only the best Rio Stars..... no candy, nuts, jelly or unrelated products just unsurpassable grapefruit! The appearance of Texas grapefruit can suffer from wind scarring, but that doesn't affect the taste, and TexaSweet Citrus Marketing Inc. earns its public-relations dollar by describing the blemishes as ''tropical beauty marks'' and ascribing them to ''gentle Gulf breezes.''. One individual, a sheriff out of Oklahoma, saw the land and started a colony. 601-674. A. Hickman is selected as president of the Citrus Exchange and given a salary of $300 a month. In 1890, a Canadian surgeon by the name of Murdoch Cameron, came to that area in northern Tamaulipas. In Barbados there was a hybrid that was produced around the early 1700’s and it was between the Barbados orange and the Pomelo. It is now to about 12,000 acres. This change also modifies the descriptions of two authorized containers. They own 3,500 acres of their own, farm 1,000 more for other people, and process the production of dozens of smaller growers, who maintain plots as small as 10 or 20 acres. This rule revises § 906.340. Jack Elliott of the Elliott Development Company, San Benito was awarded the citrus development contract for the property. should verify the contents of the documents against a final, official ''Have something for you,'' he announced in his laconic way, handing over a paper bag that felt as if it had cannonballs in it. ($16 per carton times 7.6 million cartons equals $121.6 million, divided by 13 equals $9.4 million per handler.) 5/23/22 The LRGV Citrus Growers Exchange is organized by O.E. The Act provides that administrative proceedings must be exhausted before parties may file suit in court. on Coming from China, it was carried on the trade routes going over the edge of the Mediterranean and came to the new world via the West Indies. A Houston Chronicle spread on Sunday 1/25/23 shows six photos of the plant including its exterior, two of grading tables, sizer and packing bins, the applicator and elevator, and where the fruit is packed. It even has a 69 acre reservoir.