Copyright © Guangzhou Enlang Catering Equipment Co.,Ltd All Rights Reserved. Shop Our Amazing Products The Arctic Griddle brand of Thai fried ice cream roll machines was designed from the ground up for high reliability, unparalleled safety, and superior performance, making it the all around best rolled ice machine on the market today. 8. Thin spreaded on the cold plate and rolled up to delicious Ice Cream Rolls. Product Introduction The machine... Thailand Style Ice Cream Roll Maker double Round Pan 1. 4,Food grade 304 stainless steel pan, health and durable 5,Cooper pipe inside, good handmade welding 6,With foot defrost function, good for operation. Ice Cream Roll Maker - Make Amazing Ice Cream Desserts at Home in an Instant - Food Grade DIY Rolled Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt Grill 3.1 out of 5 stars 151 $25.99 $ 25 . It is for information purposes only. Affordable Prices Jaykro is committed to keeping our prices competitive and affordable. Ice cream rolls are one of the fastest growing food trends spreading across the world. Our products are sold in five continents. it can make fried ice instantly. Product Introduction The new fried ice cream machine is a disaccustomed stirring ice maker that not only makes ice but also hard ice cream and soft ice cream. Ice Cream Roll Machine and Accessories. This food cart is very easy to move and fix with the durable and smooth high-speed bearings. BestEquip Double Pan Fried Ice Cream Machine. (Experience, interests, areas of expertise, etc.). Thai Fried Ice Cream Roll Maker (from Hanchen Instruments). Each ice cream or frozen yogurt is made to order on a super, cold surface that is below 20 degrees. 1,40CM or 50CM Round or Square pan for choice. 2,100% new famous brand compressor, durable and fast cooling. Switch on power, put raw material . Being the only ice cream roll supply company in America, Jaykro works extremely hard to provide products of the highest quality to all of our customers and partners. Thai Rolled Ice Cream Machine. Product Introduction Temperature range showing on Digital control plate: 0 to -25 C. Lack voltage alarming. The Roll Fry Ice Cream Machine is widely used in any public place for snacks processing and sale. Ice Cream Roll Machine and Accessories. Full Portfolio of Branded Materials Available, Great territories for growth are still available for both single and multi-unit stores, Rolled Ice Cream and Waffles Coming Soon to Round Rock, Celebrate National Ice Cream Month at unexpected NJ destinations. Product Introduction Easy operation. Customized Ice Cream chopped and mixed with fresh ingredients of the customers choice. FAX: +86-576-85229686 Please let us know if you are interested! We know the most common problem areas with numerous manufacturers. Stainless steel 304 most often comes in a hardened (tempered) state known as annealed, which is its softest state. MOBILE: +8613857641129 In that period of time, we gained significant experience with machines from the various vendors. 6. This is the preferred state for rolled ice cream machine manufacturers because it is the easiest state to form the material into the ice cream pan, … We have developed the world's best ice pan so you don't have to compromise on quality. Used for various sugary liquid, ice cream raw material, milk, various fruit juice. Equipped with the leading completely-sealed compressor R404a refrigerant. Ice Roll Pro offers professional ice roll equipment with worldwide delivery. Prepared and cold fried right in front of his eyes on a frozen pan at -30°C. ADDRESS: No.528, Changxi road, Linhai, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China