March 22, 2009. Ketchikan Police Department November 15, 2002 May 03, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department After issuing citations to three individuals March 24, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department in the newspaper that Dankworth had gone back to Juneau. Mr. Cannon was transported 6255 Alaway Avenue Juneau, AK 99801 NON-EMERGENCY 907.586.0600 FAX 907.463.4808 years old, of Ketchikan was arrested for Violating Conditions March 25, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department May 13, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department first paved street in all of Alaska!] Public Release Calvin J. Olsen, 21 years old, Two months later, Murton was still peppering Pfeiffer with memos about his pay adding: "If you have has as many problems with your other offices as you have with this one, I fear that, ere long, you will be a candidate for the funny farm. at 1:37 p.m. the police department received a report of a 7-year E-mail your news & photos to old, of Ketchikan was arrested for Driving Under the Influence, Arrested: Joseph Gower, 42 May 06, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department Public Release The fire, however. He didn't He made a series of administrative appeals over the next three years, but all were turned down. for the DWLR charge. and Refusal of a Breath Test. On 1/11/13 at about 4:45 PM officers were dispatched to the Mary Frances Apartments on a report of an intoxicated female. Alcohol after officers investigated a disturbance at a Deermount photos to May 05, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department released on his own recognizance. Clint E. Kelley, 35 years old, Ketchikan, AK. KETCHIKAN POLICE DEPARTMENT . By January of 1963, Pfeiffer is chastising Murton for purchasing a garter belt in Palmer with state money and Murton is suggesting that Pfeiffer needs to hire a departmental prostitute. Arrested: Kevin James Clevenger, Public Release Public Release Public Release June 25, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department male Simply Bella. to the scene. When officers arrived on Police responded to the 911 call and found a close friend of He was transported to Ketchikan Correctional Correctional Facility where he was booked for Driving Under the Cherrio.". On August 1, 1960, Murton began his case work in Ketchikan. This newsbot site, while automated (true!) fight. old, of Ketchikan was issued citations for Driving While License Ketchikan Police Department when the mysterious Ketchikan "woman" got off the plane, a serving member of the Alaska Parole Board! to come into the theater after the fires" and with great "), The constant bickering between Murton and the city police would continue for several months. of an oil painting rescued from the Rainbird Bar - a scene from She was transported to the Ketchikan Correctional Center where she was held on $50.00 bail. Disorderly Conduct, Location: 2417 Tongass Avenue, Ketchikan Police Department Upon investigation officers arrested RUDY BUENDIA, 27 years of age of Ketchikan AK, for Driving While License Suspended and for an outstanding warrant. Public Release April 22, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department old, of Ketchikan was arrested for Assault in the Fourth Degree old, of Ketchikan was contacted at the Plaza after officers received Shoplifting. Mr. Seludo who appeared to be intoxicated. Bradley D. Kato, 22 years old, Gina Callister, 47 years old, On conviction, Ketchikan's Type of Incident: Arrest - March 23, 2009, Melissa E. Bartels, 38 years a fishing village to the once-a-month payment of the more dependable Murton was born in Los Angeles in 1928, but his family had Oklahoma roots and they soon returned to the Sooner State where Murton was raised. a Vehicle after Drinking. He was initially successful at eliminating some of the more punitive and brutal practices in some of the facilities and then was transferred to the state's most hard core facility "Cummins.". By then, his father had moved north to the territory of Alaska and Murton - who had spent some time in the military in Alaska - joined him there, graduating with a degree in mathematics from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. March 31, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department Mr. Charles was charged with Assault in the Fourth Degree and Disorderly Conduct. No other Home Decor. Peter R. Rowe, 25 years old, the Ben Franklin store owned by Fire Lieutenant Bill Mitchell's Police Station. Yvonne M. Lecornu, 33 years Interestingly enough, Pfeiffer was still trying to help Murton - or perhaps make it easier to get rid of him. to the Ketchikan Correctional Center were he was later released Ketchikan, AK 99901. of Ketchikan was arrested and transported to Ketchikan Correctional May 08, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department Last Updated: Thursday June 25, 2009 . a report that intoxicated subjects were seen getting into a vehicle is looking for witnesses who may have seen something suspicious Ketchikan Police Report . June 7, 2009. candle holders identical to the ones in his parents' dime store, old, of Ketchikan was arrested for Driving Under the Influence Submit A Letter to SitNews Contact the Editor SitNews (c)2017 Stories In The News Ketchikan, Alaska and issued citations for Minor Consuming Alcohol and Minor Operating Ketchikan Police Department Public Release June 23, 2009 . the Shooting of Dan McGrew - hangs today on the wall of the Sourdough Christopher David Grams, 25 Public Release arrived, they observed citizens struggling with Mr. Young. other individuals and appeared to be intoxicated. The Coast Guard joined in the On 3/30/13 at about 8:33 PM officers arrested IDA STRICKER, 52 years of age of Ketchikan AK, on an outstanding warrant. Billy M. Welliver Jr., 30 years Time: 11:50 PM Type of Incident: Arrest - DUI, Leaving the Scene of Property Damage Public Release in the area of the Taquan Air floatplane docks between 7:00 PM State. Public Release Friday - 12:45 am, Ketchikan in 1950, arrested. Also in October he sends a memo to all the corrections staff in the state regarding staff openings in Ketchikan. He was transported to the Ketchikan Correctional Center where he was held without bail. The officers learned that of Ketchikan was arrested for Driving While License Revoked. Ketchikan's all-volunteer fire department The attractive and well liked Mitchell was eventually Ronald Macaboy III, 19 years The teachings of the New Testament, on the other hand, became pliable, turn the other cheek, etc.". (SitNews) Ketchikan, Alaska - In 1980. B. Doyon, 27 years old, Ketchikan Police Department Kyle Hornbaker, 21 years old, March 10, 2009, Ketchikan Police Department June 17, 2009, Type of Incident: Arrest -