A place for fans of DC's comics, graphic novels, movies, and anything else related to one of the largest comic book publishers in the world and home of the World's Greatest Superheroes! Superman/Batman #10 Alex Luthor and Damian are in a relationship, but she’s furious about not being invited to Sister Miracle’s party, so she decides to end her ennui by going full supervillain and tricking Jakeem Thunder into using the genie to give her control of the army of Superman robots. 2 #39 Superman Vol. Nix is first introduced (in the real, not-comic book world) in Final Crisis, which we’re still 90 issues from, so having SUPERJUDGE just there jumping from comic blogger to superhero is a little jarring. And he showed me by example how to be tough, and how to be kind and how to dream of a better world. Superman Vol. 3 #20, Superman Unchained #1 (2013) He saves Lois from certain death by teaching himself to be a doctor in 3 seconds, and then performing surgery by hand. Key: Text highlighted in Black feature Superman, blue text feature Superboy, purple text feature Lois Lane, and red text feature Supergirl. Superman #670 Different readers may want to focus on different aspects and characters of ‘The Superman Family’, however this reading order will follow the issues and series of the characters mentioned in the key below. Superman Vol. We discover that an ancient evil is heading to Earth to destroy it, and the whole purpose behind bringing the strongest, fastest, most creative heroes in the world was to try and stop Maggeddon – he’s basically Ego the Living Planet, only he drives everyone crazy with rage and when he explodes, he rips a hole in the fabric of reality. Ultra Comics is a new hero created on Earth 33. 2 #47, Superman/Wonder Woman #22 Thunderworld Adventures takes us to Earth 5, home to Fawcett City and the Marvel family, and to the Rock of Eternity, home to the wizard Shazam, who discovers there is an extra day on the calendar immediately before the Rock, a focal point for all magic in the multiverse, is attacked by an enormous Borg-cube-imitation of the Rock, piloted by a coalition of Dr. Sivanas from throughout the multiverse. Nix is the all-powerful super-being driving the story here, and this issue sets the tone for the rest of The Multiversity: every issue is about the Superman concept, stripped of one key element. In issue 5, the final battle in Bludhaven begins and we see the birth of Nix Uotan, SUPERJUDGE, as he had been banished to Earth by his colleagues, but he rediscovers his power when Metron’s ghost solves a Rubiks Cube in 17 moves (the fastest ever). Morrison all but acknowledges this later in Action Comics when Superman gives the rest of the Justice League a hard time about not helping him solve global problems. So yeah, us DC Order readers will be quite disappointed, and this isn't a classic Superman tale of the ages, but it's a serviceable introduction and brings new readers in 1939 more up to date. Superman married long-time love interest Lois Lane in 1996. It used the old Charlton Comics characters (The Question, Peacemaker, Nightshade, Blue Beetle, and Captain Atom) to take the Superman concept and atomize it, divorce it from its humanity and pick it apart until the concept collapses in on itself. Action Comics Vol. In that time, he told, out of order, a generational story about Superman: in Action Comics, the flagship Superman book after the New 52 relaunch, Morrison told “the first Superman story;” JLA and Final Crisis: Superman Beyond told of his middle years; and All-Star Superman was designed to be “the last Superman story ever.”.