Smoke and Mirrors is a Legendary Predator bow that has 3/4 Stealth Damage, 2/4 Critical Hit … Sneak up on your prey - the massive damage to start out the fight will help (left). Return to Abar to get her key (left) then locate the Phylake’s submerged treasure (right). His name may lead you to expect a somewhat larger foe, but names can be deceptive, as this Phylakes wields dual swords. Which one you choose is up to you, but The Outsider is the lowest leveled one so perhaps start with him. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Remove ads and unlock special features, Main Quest - Fall of an Empire, Rise of Another, Chapter 3 - From Kanopos Nome to Sapi-Res Nome. All Stone Circle locations and solutions. A Phylakes is a strong enough foe without having to worry about more enemies showing up to complicate matters. The Galatian isn’t so dynamic as The Iron Bull, being your typical super-soldier enemy, albeit much more powerful. All things considered, he is one of the easier fights against the Phylakes. While you won't hit immediately, you will inevitably catch him during one of his attacks as he can't stun you when you're attacking like this. Carrying a shield and a spear, he’s got range and his guard must be broken, but since a sword (regular or sickle) is faster than his weapon, you can usually charge it up, get in range, and strike before he does. Conversely, if you can get them off their mount and then circle them on your horse, you can do a lot of damage while they will be relatively unable to touch you. He also attacks with an axe, and in extremely slow and very predictable in his attacks. Armed with a tower shield, sword, and pila, he likely can’t out-range or out-speed you if you stick to charged attacks with a comparable weapon, which are necessary to knock him off balance. Political information This is the first Phylake you'll encounter and he actually moves between the western portion of Alexandria and the northern portion of Lake Mareotis. In order to be more efficient in your search, in what forum do you want to search ? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Phylakes is the plural of Ancient Greek φύλαξ (phylax), meaning 'watcher, guard, sentinel'. Just be way of his lunging attacks and keep in mind that, while tempting, if you attack at a range he’s not above responding in kind. This is the perfect time to attack, as he'll be by himself and other soldiers don't frequently come to this area. Alternatively, at night he stops at the Dionysias Caravanserai. After such an encounter you should keep your distance long enough to heal, while peppering him with arrows (especially fired from bows with “Health on Hit”!). When you approach the search area, deploy Senu to mark your target, then go to the village and introduce yourself to the woman indicated. She won't just give it to you though, and she says you must prove yourself as a protector first. Searching his body reveals him as a member of the Phylakes, elite warriors of the Pharaoh Ptolemy, whose latest orders are to carry out Bayek's death. He will attack with fire arrows from his war chariot, which can set you on fire even if you block them. Choose your battlefield! The Iron Ram was eliminated in 48 BCE by Bayek, who then claimed his legendary bow and an ornamented key.[1]. It's often the easiest way to get past a Phylakes' guard, and even against foes that don't have a guard you need to bypass, it'll often knock them down, opening them up for more abuse. You’ll need to tailor your strategies depending on what weapon the enemy has. Biographical information For now, avoid them entirely. Located in Haueris Nome. There are only a couple of exceptions to this rule.