No person, unless registered or licensed to practice veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry in this state at the time this chapter shall become operative, shall begin the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry without first applying for and obtaining a license for such purpose from the secretary. (c) Does not have a criminal record in Washington state. (e) Provides other information and verification required by the board. (2) "Anesthesia monitoring" means measuring, reporting, and recording vital signs. The uniform disciplinary act, chapter 18.130 RCW, governs unregistered operation, the issuance and denial of registrations, and the discipline of registrants under this section. (d) The examination may be taken no sooner than six months before graduation from the approved course of instruction. [2013 c 19 § 42, eff. (5) Immediate supervision for unregistered assistants. Anesthesia Maintenance. (5) Completion of a course in veterinary technician education as a member of the United States military and completion of a tour of active duty as a veterinary technician or specialist. The board may excuse from or grant an extension of continuing education requirements to a licensed veterinary technician due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. c 44 § 2; 1967 ex.s. CREDIT(S) [2007 c 235 § 3, eff. [1941 c 71 § 24; Rem. c 34 § 53; 1974 ex.s. [2003 c 53 § 139, eff. Veterinary technology is a fast growing field nationwide, and the state of Washington is no exception. maintaining adequate depth of anesthesia through control of the amount and type of drug(s) delivered to the … 1941 § 10040-24.]. (3) The board shall determine by rule the limits of the practice of veterinary medicine, surgery, and dentistry represented by a license to practice specialized veterinary medicine. (6) No animal control agency or humane society may operate under this chapter without registering with the department. 1941 § 10040-9. This may include involvement in the WSAVT, mentorship to … Impaired veterinarian program--Content--License surcharge, 18.92.051 . A maximum of six practice management or professional development credit hours may be claimed in any two-year reporting period. It is the responsibility of the institution to apply for approval and of a student to ascertain whether or not a school has been approved by the board. The licensed veterinary technician shall include sufficient information in the patient medical record to document the care and treatment provided by the licensed veterinary technician. (1) All applicants shall be required to successfully complete the veterinary technician national examination as approved by the board, and the Washington state examination that consists of questions pertaining to the laws and rules regulating technicians. [Statutory Authority: RCW, Imaging equipment and techniques. c 30 § 5; 1982 c 134 § 1; 1979 ex.s. (i) Apply noninvasive cardiopulmonary resuscitation and basic first aid procedures; (ii) Provide other aid upon the order of a licensed veterinarian as outlined in this section. West's Revised Code of Washington Annotated. c 50 § 1; 1959 c 92 § 2; 1941 c 71 § 21; Rem. License--Reciprocity with other states--Fee, 18.92.135 . (2) Immediate supervision. (3) The licensed veterinary technician member is a nonvoting member with respect to board decisions related to the discipline of a veterinarian involving standard of care. 1941 § 10040- 12.]. Formerly RCW 18.92.090, part.]. No officer, director, supervisor, or any other individual associated with an animal care or control agency or nonprofit humane society owning and operating a veterinary medical facility may impose any terms or conditions of employment or direct or attempt to direct an employed veterinarian in any way that interferes with the free exercise of the veterinarian's professional judgment or infringes upon the utilization of his or her professional skills. The standards established in WAC 246-935-270 through, (1) Beginning January 1, 2020, a licensed veterinary technician shall complete twenty hours of continuing education every two years. (3) “Secretary” means the secretary of the department of health. Every person holding a license under the provisions of this chapter shall conspicuously display it in his or her principal place of business, together with the annual renewal license certificate.