Replay a series of inking actions on a slide Replay your ink strokes in Office. Eusebius Amort, in 1735, admits the gravest differences of opinion; and the Bishop of Newport writes (p. 163) " to receive an Indulgence of a year, for example, is to have remitted to one so much temporal punishment as was represented by a year's canonical penance. Supports Microsoft Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit/64-bit). Copyright © 2010-2020 Namyawaza, for instance, whom Itakkama (see above) accuses of disloyalty, writes thus to the Pharaoh, " Behold, I and my warriors and my chariots, together with my brethren and my SA-GAS, and my Suti 10 are at the disposal of the (royal) troops, to go whithersoever the king, my lord, commands.". ", "I receive daily," he writes, "letters from remote parts, from kings, princes, prelates and men of learning, and even from persons of whose existence I was ignorant.". "I have often noted," writes John Taylor, the water-poet, in his Jack a Lent (1620), "that if any superfluous feasting or gormandizing, paunch-cramming assembly do meet, it is so ordered that it must be either in Lent, upon a Friday, or a fasting: for the meat does not relish well except it be sauced with disobedience and comtempt of authority.". In his memoir of 1785 he writes: "As far as the experiments hitherto published extend, we scarcely know more of the phlogisticated part of our atmosphere than that it is not diminished by lime-water, caustic alkalies, or nitrous air; that it is unfit to support fire or maintain life in animals; and that its specific gravity is not much less than that of common air; so that, though the nitrous acid, by being united to phlogiston, is converted into air possessed of these properties, and consequently, though it was reasonable to suppose, that part at least of the phlogisticated air of the atmosphere consists of this acid united to phlogiston, yet it may fairly be doubted whether the whole is of this kind, or whether there are not in reality many different substances confounded together by us under the name of phlogisticated air. to exhaust the capacity or resources of by excessive writing: He's just another author who has written himself out. For pagan lustrations were normally threefold; thus Virgil writes (Aen. I am working with Tony Lee who writes for Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes. She has an older brother, Peter, who currently writes for the QVC network.
His somewhat tongue-in-cheek immoral displays earn the full approval of the young Nik Cohn, who writes the book at an exhausting intensity. This is very noticeable in what he writes about the Reformation. She writes a feminist and music zine and is in two bands. No one can have read Miss Keller's autobiography without feeling that she writes unusually fine English. ", " It is impossible," writes Sir Richard Thorne (Local Government Board Report, 1898-1899), " to read the medical history of this disease in almost every part of the world without being impressed with the frequency with which recognized plague has been preceded by ailments of such slight severity, involving some bubonic enlargement of glands and some rise in body-temperature, as to mask the real nature of the malady. Media Matters writes that The Savage Nation is one of the most popular radio shows, rivaling such productions as The Rush Limbaugh Show. Of the detestable Tiptoft he writes that there flowered in. Brown writes: "If for the theory ` life without air ' is substituted the consideration that yeast cells can use oxygen in the manner of ordinary aerobic fungi, and probably do require it for the full completion of their lifehistory, but that the exhibition of their fermentative functions is independent of their environment with regard to free oxygen, it will be found that there is nothing contradictory in Pasteur's experiments to such a hypothesis. In summation, if you’re removing text from a quotation (while keeping the meaning intact, of course), then use the ellipsis. Uniforms limit students' creativity, she writes, and denies the "spark" that is so vital for leaders and innovators. Miss Sullivan writes in a letter of 1891: Mrs. Keller writes me that before her illness Helen made signs for everything, and her mother thought this habit the cause of her slowness in learning to speak. " Larry Goddard writes: ' Much lineside vegetation has been removed from this area of late. Join our early testers! The marquis d'Argenson writes that at the council table Louis "opened his mouth, said little and thought not at all," and again that "under the appearance of personal monarchy it was really anarchy that reigned.". Despite the occasional stylistic infelicity and the overuse of the first person singular, Nettle writes well. A girlfriend will treasure any poem that the man she loves writes for her. In 1849 she writes from Berri to a political friend: " You thought that I was drinking blood from the skulls of aristocrats.

It’s important to remember that you still should punctuate properly even if you’re using an ellipsis. "Is it for this," he writes to Melanchthon xix. 1, 1670), when he writes: "Leroy se remet a vous d'en uzer comme vous le jugerez a propos a l'esgard des valets de Monsieur Foucquet; it faut seulement observer que si vous luy donnez des valets que 1' on vous amenera d'icy, it pourra bien arriver qu'ils seront gaignez par avance, et qu'ainsy ils feroient pis que ceux que vous en osteriez presentement.