In fact it's best if one is a dominant mutation and the other is a Normal Grey or some other non-dominant mutation. unusual cock bird in a fellow breeder’s aviary. Males will retain the typical colorations. They are both grey, so all offspring will be grey as it's the most dominant color. Fawn Cheek and Grey Cheek - The birds closely resemble Florida Fancies, but Males have a darker breast bar and tear drop markings. I don't know. Each of the following is recognised as a distinct variety by bird shows. Personally I would love to have a breed a pair of these Georges but they are only available in Australia. Shop in Brisbane by Mr Steve Mc Millan, Narangbar Qld in late 1996. The females can also show the Black Face coloration but not to the intensity of the males. Sex-linked: As the name suggests, these colors are linked to the sex of the Zebra. When you breed two of the same recessive traits together your chances are better that more of the offspring will show the recessive trait, but those who do not show it will probably carry it while others may not. Still in the ...the incrediblejourney back Naturally all these mutations, being that they are all the same species, can be bred together. Yass, these birds have been saved. Then their eyes glaze over in pure confusion as I explain the various mutations; how to spot them and how to produce more. The ideal Zebra Finch will measure about 4" from the tip of the beak to the end of the tail. mutations and where possible give a brief overview of the birds. 10am - 5pm M-F, EST At the moment, the program does not allow combinations of sex-linked mutations. It appears These birds are almost entirely white and orange. Societies Australia for evaluation. Developed The Fawn Alumina (Opal) was accepted as How do these genes work? Rare Zebra Finch Mutations for sale in Miami, Florida Share it or review it. Even the flanking on the males can be black with white dots, tho brown is more commonly found. The Alumina is now accepted as a full standard by the Federation Males will have the red beaks, females have pale orange beaks. Just how many Zebra mutations are there? The red eye trait is simply an eye color and has no relation to albinism. To be a true albino means all coloration pigments are absent, the finch would be pure white with pink eyes and white or very pale beak and legs. by David and Marion Reese, Adelaide SA, in the early '90's after noticing an The program runs very slowly if you select more than 5 mutations – in some instances your browser may even hang – so keep the number of mutations selected to 5 or less. Our friendly Males have distinct bright cream cheek patches and flanking making. In 2007 Federation of Zebra Finch Societies of Australia accepted To be Pied simply means that the normal body color such as Grey or Fawn is broken with patches of white coloration. A lot, with new mutations popping out from time to time. while some hens showed pale coloured cheek patches. TIPThe Zebra Finch Designer can help you predict what the offspring will look like. Zebra Finches breed easily and quickly in captivity. are the result of mating Black-Bodied Greys to Dominant Dilutes. relationship/mutation status. developmental stage many birds show the orange flecking but none carry a full the future will be developed to their full potential for all to enjoy for the In 2008 Federation of Zebra Personally I think this is great, until they start asking me about the genetics and colors. Females tends to have grey or silver faces. (April 2012) Black-Bodied Dilute. It's actually more like 50% of the time. Visit the Zebra Finches on the Internet pages These are 'dominant dilute' Zebra Finches, All other markings, except tail bars, are affected in some way. Females appear pure white to slightly cream and also lack all black markings. Learn More, Why is my Gouldian BALD? limited number have been bought before the Federation of Zebra Finch The 'Red Words cannot describe this Black-Bodied Grey. Granted that fact is very hard to believe considering albinism happens in many other species of animal, but to this day no one has produced a truly albino Zebra. This program will tell you which birds you are likely to breed from which parents. Developed by Mr Eric Brown, Sydney NSW. The body is silvery white to cream, The male's breast bar combined with unique body color make this very beautiful. A Black-Face cock bird was purchased from Upper breast and underparts are bright white. from birds he bred from Isabels he received from Mr Ellis Thornley. Fawns are frequently available in pet stores as they are common, frequently found as females because this is a sex-linked gene. always happy to help! The program runs very slowly if you select more than 5 mutations – in some instances your browser may even hang – so keep the number of mutations selected to 5 or less. flanks but has a white cap. Appeared If you pair a Chestnut Flanked White female with a Chestnut Flanked White male you will get mostly Chestnut Flanked White offspring with a few Grey males who will carry the Chestnut Flanked White gene. This is why I decided to write this article in laymans terms. White Zebras can also be Pied but you'll never see the Pied factor until you breed in a darker mutation or Grey. Societies Australia, Black-Cheek, Pale-Cheek, It's a very distinctive mutation which is currently being bred to increase their numbers and further develop the colors. They either are that color and show it, or they are not and don't carry it. Australian aviaries but to date have failed to become established or simply For best results in offspring, mate a full Black Cheek to a bird who is split to Black Cheek. Zebra Finch Color Mutations..why so many colors by Myra. Zebras are never split for a dominant trait. come to light; it is hoped that through careful and selective breeding Headed' was developed by selectively breeding birds that showed an extension of The Phaeo isn't a mutation but rather the combination of Black Breast and Florida Fancy. Just select which mutations each parent displays or carries and press GO. Most browsers will hang if you select more than 5 different mutations, so please limit your choices to 5 or less mutations. Bird Neglectand Rescue If you are not a zebra finch breeder, you can try the Genetic Advisor – General Edition. primarily Dilute Blue & Silver, that carry full black markings like a show pale orange cheek patches. View the Technical notes for more information These are 'dominant dilute' Zebra Finches, primarily Dilute Blue & Silver, that carry full black markings like a Black-Bodied Grey. Contrary to what many people have said and believe, there is no albino mutation of the Zebra finch known to exist. sales promotions, To bring the hidden or "split to" colors out in this birds offspring without loosing the original colors you would need to mate him to a female Recessive Silver Pied who is either Yellow Beak and Black Cheek or is split to Yellow Beak and Black Cheek. Breeding Recessive Mutation Zebra Finches 17 06/08 | 18:37 Previous articles in this series dealt with the breeding expectations of zebra finches of the dominant and sex-linked mutations. Currently the Carabel is accepted as an interim standard by Federation of Zebra Finch Societies of Australia. Males will not have the breast bar markings. for more information on Zebra Finches in general. Federation of Zebra Finch Societies of Australia. Zebra Finch Color Mutations..why so many colorsby Myra. darker version of Isabel. If you find any broken links or encounter problems please let me know. Recessive Silver - Over all are a light silver gray color. a Developmental Standard in 2009. Don't miss out on Dominant Silver - Body color is a silver-grey or bluish color, can resemble the Recessive Silver mutation but male Pastels have cream to white cheeks and flanking color, no orange at all. in the aviaries of Les Stratford, Sydney and appears to be a form of the